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VA for Coaches 101: 3 Things You Wish You Knew Before Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Coaching is not only limited to one type. It is a gigantic space where coaches engage in productive ways and involve themselves in various roles to achieve improvement—as virtual assistants do.

There are life coaches, health coaches, spirituality coaches, business coaches, etc.the possibilities of this field can be endless. Being a coach, whatever category it is, one has to build the potential of those being trained. Coaching is a way of helping individuals reach their maximum performance while showing up in their most optimum selves. Along this process, virtual assistants are willing to help carry out the responsibilities that come with this profession.

In the industry we have right now, coaches and virtual assistants are on the same track at being of service to those who need their expertise. This reason perfectly captures the relevance of each other’s careers and molds them into a collaborative effort toward success. Virtual assistants help coaches establish their calling, and coaches become an instrument for other people to be extraordinary.

Coaches, here are the things you need to know about hiring a virtual assistant:

Make sure you know your tasks.

Of course, you have your vision of your business and have already established your operation flow as a coach. But knowing your tasks does not just end there. You also need to segregate what functions you can and want to do and what duties you find tedious. Those you find repetitive to do, you can assign them to your VA. With the vast array of skills a single virtual assistant possesses, your tasks will be in the right hands.

Find a VA who understands you.

Since you are about to collaborate with your virtual assistant, you need to have the same rhythm and meet halfway in work ethic and arrangement. If you want, you can assess virtual assistants first before you can finally commit to hiring one. In companies like Ripple VAs, we make sure that your VAs match your expectations and needs so you can say that you hand picked them.

Build healthy and efficient communication.

Proper communication with equally good comprehension between the coach and the VA consumes less time and resources, making work much more manageable. Being specific and open about what you want your assistant to do will run the operation smoothly and cultivate a culture of mutual respect and a better work environment.

Delegating your work to virtual assistants is probably one of the best investments you can make for your career and business. You will have a more streamlined process once you take off some loads of your work, and you will approach your coaching life in a more sound, organized, and efficient manner.


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