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About Ripple

Ripple VAs is a Philippine-based virtual assistance company that strives to create a positive ripple effect in community, to the client, and to the ministry. We are aiming to provide quality services to our clients all over the world. Our dynamic and competent team is comprised of a mix of individuals who have excellent administrative, social media, technical, operational, and customer service skills.
Our VAs are screened thoroughly and trained extensively to provide quality service that suits the client’s business needs. We have helped multiple clients already in streamlining their tasks and processes, helping them achieve their objectives and creating an environment that will help the VAs and the clients work together efficiently and effectively. We take pride in our commitment to create a positive ripple effect while showcasing our world-class skills, dedication, and hard work.

Our Humble Beginnings

A vision doesn’t become a reality through magic; it takes prayer, faith and a continuous battle with the so-called doubt. Every vision starts with a vague picture that its bearer would doubt of its fulfillment.

Back in the years when the vision just started, I was only doing an online work myself, learning as much as I can as to what it is to become a VA. Over the course of time with much exposure to tasks and different tools, I find myself really enjoying the tasks that I could really see doing it on a long-term basis. I can’t put being a VA in just a box, it’s scope is so wide and it’s tools and learning potentials are so vast and unlimited that I found myself astonished just to the idea of growing my skills and being able to add value to my clients.

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A company that creates a positive ripple effect on people, businesses and the community that we serve.



To serve our partners (VAs and clients) by adding eternal value to their lives so they can create a positive ripple effects to others for the glory of our Maker.



      1) Respect & Relational

      2) Integrity & Intentionality
      3) Purpose-Driven & Passionate
      4) Proactiveness & Persistence

      5) Love & Leadership

      6) Empowering & Equipping

Culture Statement 

At Ripple, nothing is ordinary. Excellence is our culture. It permeates from the services we offer, to our internal training and support system, our hiring mechanism, to our onboarding of employees and clients until their offboarding. 

We have tailor-fitted systems in place, refined through our four (4) years of experience in the industry. What's available elsewhere, we offer at a different pace and perspective with our pool of well-trained and equipped VAs.

We're tested and tenured in the industry. We've got the best to offer and nothing less. 





God, People, Business

The only thing constant is change


Servant Leadership

Giving rather than taking



No one gets left behind



Creating impact together

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