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Ripple VAs in partnership with Catalyst Virtual Solutions

CEO Ma. Hanna Caraig offers the products below. Hanna is concurrently the Satellite Managing Director of Ripple VAs' Batangas Office. 

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Sales Page Template


Master Pricing Templates


Webinar Slide Deck


Instagram Post Template


Page Ebook Template


Clients Welcome Packet

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Ma Hanna Caraig

CEO, Catalyst Virtual Solutions

Independent, organized, resourceful—we name all the necessary traits in the corporate world and Ma Hanna Caraig is every single one of them.

Born and raised in Batangas, Hanna grew up with a family where her independence was cultivated. She revealed that her family’s reliance on her decisions was essentially hard but she knew that all the dependency would bring out the best in her. It molded her to be a good decision-maker, which is a great aid in handling not just her family’s life but her personal and corporate endeavors as well. She is the type of person who strives to meet her own needs in her own ways and sees opportunity in all areas of her life.


Hanna is not stopping and is continually finding new innovative solutions towards making progress. As a matter of fact, one of Hanna’s hobbies is scouting new ideas for earning more money. If that’s not how enterprising looks like, then we don’t know what is.

“I was actually clear in my vision in life right from the time I reached the level of maturity. I am always optimistic. I am always firm and focused on my goals. I always rely on what God promised me because I know deep down my spirit, he has chosen me for greater things,” Hanna expressed.


  Invest your own time in gaining more clients and what really matters.  

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