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The number of websites and web pages continues to change and increase every second. With more than one billion websites on the World Wide Web, people have long improved their marketing strategies and used the World Wide Web itself to their advantage. The method known as search engine optimization is one way to do this.


We, at Ripple VAs, want to help you acquire your spot in the vast search engine! We want to help make your website easier to find and leverage than other business sites. Hence, we prepared this page to guide you.

Let's craft your victory!

Graphic Designing Tasks We Can Do For You

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Site Audit

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SEO Strategy and Planning

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Implementation of onsite/offsite

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Webmaster integration

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Test, adjust, and report

Let's craft your victory! 


At its heart, search engine optimization (SEO) is about growing the visibility of your website through non-paid search results in various major search engines. For years, search engine optimization has been a marketing method of increasing exposure to brands and maximizing web pages by enhancing online website traffic. 

​Although this method concerns itself with visibility in search engines, search engine optimization is not solely about search engines themselves. Search engine optimization is also about connecting and understanding people. It’s about thinking the same way viewers or users think. It’s about comprehending the interests of the people - what they search for the words they use while searching, and the answers they want to see.


Through this, you become one step closer to your target market and you are letting them know that you have the solutions they’re looking for!


More website traffic

Search engine optimization has been one of the buzzing marketing strategies nowadays. It aims to enhance your ranking on search engines to generate more traffic for your website.

More efficient

This marketing tactic is one with little to no costs involved. Aside from paying for your consultant, you won’t have to pay for traditional ad campaigns and other media placement expenses. Through search engine optimization, you attract potential customers through organic search engine results. 

More brand exposure

Despite the brand building being seen as a traditional marketing tactic, it shares the same goals as search engine optimization. Through SEO, you get to improve your online presence and establish a stronger brand with your target audience. 

Better credibility

With the Internet, everyone has received access to a vast ocean of information and resources. This information and resources help consumers of today gain more knowledge and understanding of product options. When SEO is paired with content marketing and other marketing strategies, your business becomes part of the learning process and you build trust and credibility with your target market. 

Stronger market penetration

Search engine optimization helps you move ahead of your competitors. When you optimize your website, you also improve your presence in the market. This allows you to earn a bigger percentage of search clicks; hence, your competitors will receive less.


To achieve maximum results, we have to start understanding

the core components of SEO: 

Knowing what content the people need 

To do search engine optimization, you have to fully understand it and its purpose first. Once you see its importance, you can do search engine optimization by focusing on your users, doing keyword optimization, and using optimization tools. These methods will help you improve keyword search, simplify page optimization, and monitor your results.

With proper knowledge and training, everyone can optimize websites in search engines. However, if you feel the need to seek professional help, you

can always have someone else optimize your website for you.

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Here at Ripple VAs, we want you to run your businesses easier. Our virtual assistant leaders are equipped with the proper skills and knowledge needed to help you. Our SEO service will surely help your business acquire the spot in search engines you deserve.

Embark on a visionary journey with Ripple VAs
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