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Jezrel Perez


About our CEO: Jez

She is the rock that started the ripple.

Jezrel Perez, called “Jez” by her colleagues and friends, was born on December 18, 1992, in Cebu City, Philippines. She graduated Cum Laude and Debater of the Year with a degree of B.A. Psychology from Cebu Normal University. A fourth-year student pursuing a Juris Doctor Degree at Silliman University, Dumaguete City, Philippines.

Before she started the company that would later be called Ripple VAs, Jez was doing online work herself, learning all that she could about becoming a virtual assistant (VA), how to be the best at being one, and how she could share her knowledge with others. 

“I can’t put being a VA in just a box, its scope is so wide and its tools and learning potentials are so vast and unlimited,”

- Jez 

She found herself astonished at the idea of building upon her skills and that of others’ as well, after her exposure to various tasks and tools in her VA career. She felt like an inventor who has discovered something so unique that she can’t wait to share it with the world.


However, all this does not come without challenges and changes.


Being a lover of nature, the calming breeze and the waves of the sea seem to call out to her in times of necessary rest and reflection. In the vastness of the waters, she finds comfort in the thought that a single rock, no matter how tiny and seemingly insignificant, can make ripples felt throughout the sea.


And thus, her vision to cause enormous ripples in her community came to be.

Ripple VAs officially came into being on

February 24, 2018. It started only with 3 to 5

VAs until it started growing into the family

that it is now. Currently, the company has

221 VAs aside from the 9 project-based VAs working with the Content and Marketing Team.


“It’s amazing that even after a little over 2 years, the Ripple Team has quickly grown. Sure, we had some challenges along the way- a lot of them actually- but by God’s grace we were able to surpass them all,” Jez says, emphasizing that she always involves God in her decision-making processes because after all, He was the one who gave her this vision. 


Nurturing this vision into reality requires a lot of constant learning. Fortunately, Jez loves reading books on leadership and applying what she has learned from her degree in Psychology. Jez believes that the way she values and deals with her VAs and clients makes Ripple VAs stand out from any other VA companies or agencies. “I am very much hands-on with my clients and my VAs. I am on top of everything and I do not hesitate to provide business insights to my clients, telling them what works and what doesn’t. We are so proactive in our approach in all aspects that’s why our clients love us,” Jez says, adding that many of the new clients are referrals from existing clients. She also trains her VAs to have the proper mindset in working with clients; they are not just mere employees, they are their clients’ business partners. 


“We take pride in what we do because we do it well.”


For Jez, Ripple VAs is like her baby. She had to go through labor pain before the company has grown to the family that it currently is. Amidst the successes, she humbles herself as a mere vessel for God’s bigger plan for the community and the ministry, since part of the overall profit of Ripple VAs goes to support the outreach and educational programs of the church in the Philippines’ tribal areas.


Ripple VAs created such a huge impact in the life of Jez because more than the financial breakthrough she has achieved, it is also an instrument used by God for her to experience a spiritual breakthrough. She has grown so much as a person, as a leader, as a daughter, as a friend, as a student, and as a citizen because of her experiences in building and running the company. 


With her initial vision coming to life built on hard work and dedication, Jez continues to have dreams for the future of her company. 


“I envision Ripple as a company that continues to provide

a positive ripple effect on our community, to our clients,

and to the ministry that we serve.


I envision for Ripple to grow so big that we can continue to

provide work opportunities to different talented Filipinos.


I envision for Ripple to increase and launch many

Ripple Mission projects that will provide financial support

to students and churches.


I envision for Ripple to raise more well-trained and well-disciplined

individuals professionally and spiritually as we continue to enhance

our Mentorship Program for VAs.”


Every day, her goal is to inspire more people to join her in taking a leap towards the vastness of the ocean, creating ripples for eternity.

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