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Executive Virtual Assistant

(Can do majority of the tasks)

Legal Research and Writing
Web Consultation
Typing on Laptop
  • Calendar Management

  • Email/inbox Management

  • Research

  • Admin Management

  • Calls

  • Prepare agenda for meetings

  • Project Management

  • Schedule meetings and arrange conference rooms.

  • Manage travel and schedule.

  • Handle information requests.

  • Prepare correspondence and stuff mail into envelopes.

  • Arrange for outgoing mail and packages to be picked up.

  • Prepare statistical reports.

  • Prepare confidential and sensitive documents.

  • Coordinates office management activities.

  • Determine matters of top priority and handle accordingly.

  • Prepare an agenda for meetings.

  • Helps prepare the office budget.

  • Plans events and volunteer activities.

  • Maintain standard operating procedures.

  • Coordinate travel arrangements; prepares itineraries; prepares, compiles and maintains travel vouchers and records.

  • Coordinate committees and task forces.

  • Relay directives, instructions and assignment to executives.

  • Receive and relay telephone messages.

  • Presentation Development

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