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[VA FEATURE] Rowela Merhan: Coming Out of Her Comfort Zone

We always claim we want to push ourselves out of our comfort zones, take a bite out of life, challenge and transform ourselves. It's one of those tricky things that sounds fantastic in principle but is extremely difficult in practice. We never leave our carefully created little boxes and never venture forth because it is easier to settle down and not want to disturb our tranquility.

It's all too easy to get stuck in a loop and stay there, withering away in a sea of monotony. However, doing so is considerably riskier. For Rowela, her goal in life is to continually challenge herself and continually improve. In order to do that, she had to move out of her comfort zone. Eventually, her life changed in ways she could never have imagined.

Rowela Merhan hails from Our Lady of Fatima University with honors and a Bachelor of Science in Travel Management degree. She initially had no plans to become a virtual assistant since she was already comfortable with working at home as a General Travel Service Staff for a Japanese BPO Company. However, her salary could only support her basic needs. She also contemplated if she saw herself growing as a woman working in corporate for more than 4 years. “My colleagues found my stagnant progress wrong. That was when I realized that I should get out and be comfortable with the uncomfortable.”

Rowela used to scroll through virtual assistant pages during her free time. None caught her eye until she discovered Ripple through a friend. Slowly, she became interested in the company’s culture of growth while providing great quality outputs for clients. She was hesitant at first, with the fear of failing the application process. However, enrolling at Ripple Success Academy and getting proper training inspired her to apply to Ripple.

Even after getting in, Rowela is still amazed by Ripple’s engaging and supportive company culture. Ripple never fails to show appreciation and support to their employees, be it virtually or in-person. “We celebrate each other’s wins and that really inspires me to become more motivated. Ripple is not just a work of hand but a work of God!” At Ripple, every day felt like a rollercoaster adventure. Rowela continuously faces challenges, but they always feel rewarding after getting fulfilled and celebrating with a great meal accompanied by family and friends.

Rowela believes that honesty is truly the best policy when it comes to succeeding as a virtual assistant. Her clients serve as her sources of inspiration, and gaining their trust is her key to doing more. Business is business, but the relationship that she has developed with them so far inspires her to always give more to them. Keeping them happy makes her happy as well.

Rowela has a lot of aspirations for the future, like traveling, owning a car, and even starting her own virtual agency business. However, her achievements also mean Ripple’s success. By continuously learning new skills that will benefit future clients, she can become a flexible virtual assistant that will be an asset to the company. In fact, flexibility is her reason for choosing Ripple. Her job does not require her to have a 9–6 schedule. She can work at her own pace without the worry of applying for a leave.

Getting out of your comfort zone is not easy. It can even be terrifying at first, but that is okay. When you're beginning on a journey that challenges you to try new things, it's entirely acceptable to be nervous. Rowela believes that God’s plan is always good, pleasing, and perfect. He will never place anyone in a situation that will harm them. By having the dedication and willingness to learn, one will also start growing. Having a support group and meeting people with similar interests will also help. All challenges are indeed opportunities for growth.

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