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[VA Feature] Man of the Hour: Milo John Paracuelles

Rejection is redirection.

“I will be forever grateful to Ripple VAs. [Ripple] not only allows me to earn, but it also paves the way for me to discover the things I think I couldn't do.”

The person behind these words is none other than— Milo John Paracuelles, one of Ripple VAs’ pride!

“…Through Ripple I discovered a sense of independence and creativity. Several clients have never rejected me even after delivering all tasks, but this is a good training ground to hone our perspectives in life. Rejection is redirection…”

John is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management in LaConsolation College Bacolod. He had been an Operations Supervisor for eight years in Panasiatic Solutions Call Center Inc. and a Virtual Assistant for three years.

He had been to several countries across Asia, such as Singapore, Malaysia, China, Macau, Hongkong, and Thailand.

John reflected on occasions when he had to stay away from his family for extended periods to work in Singapore. Being the family-oriented person that he is, it was one of his toughest struggles thus far.

“They (family) are the reason I work hard; I can't imagine life without them,” he said, referring to his family.

John talked about how much he likes helping his loved ones and giving back to them: “I always believe in the law of reciprocity - just share without expecting any return, share wholeheartedly, and the universe will give you what you deserve.”

On the other hand, John didn't miss the moments when he learned a lot from his prior job experiences: "I used to be a perfectionist and a tyrant leader. I expect a lot from my subordinates, consequently pushing them too hard."

“I realize that fear is not a good motivation; respect it.”

After taking those values to heart, he returned to the Philippines and continued his career as a social media manager/virtual assistant.

“Now, I am currently managing a local social media influencer that reaches out to hungry Filipinos… We go off the mountain providing goods to needy families.”

After these learnings, he realized that he wanted to be remembered as someone kind and generous in sharing his knowledge with others. Ripple, he said, has provided him with this chance, from his present position as a local social media manager to being exposed to international opportunities where he was able to demonstrate his abilities and earn his rights.

“I realize that this sense of independence is innate; I just need to hone it and practice it in the right venue. I have been helping people out, from the influencer I am managing to those we are reaching out to. And the sense of fulfillment is priceless. I was oblivious to social media and how to monetize platforms, but I took the initiative to research and equipped myself with enough knowledge to use it to our advantage. Right now, the influencer I am managing owns a car, two houses, and has fed hungry stomachs in my town,” he stated.

“To other freelancers, never be afraid to take risks. Your potential is infinite. This has always been my mantra, and I want freelancers to leverage it,” he further added.

Life does really have a lot to give. There are both excellent and terrible ones. To achieve excellence within us, all we need is the desire and bravery to redirect our attitudes and focus on what we do best.

Milo John Paracuelles is one of Ripple VAs' numerous seasoned workers who excel in their skills and act as catalysts in turning ripples into waves.


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