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Training Program for New VAs: Pioneering for Greater Heights

To learn basic skills in virtual assistance and provide more value to clients, the first-ever Training Program for New Virtual Assistants of Ripple VAs was successfully concluded on January 14, with 25 graduates.

The training program taught new VAs three main things: Social Media Management, Basic Lead Generation, and Introduction to Kajabi. Meanwhile, Ripple VAs’ ins and outs became the introductory lesson, including the mission, vision, core values, and types of VAs in the company.

A pioneer in providing a platform to enhance the skills of the new VAs who recently joined Ripple 3-month period, the training program commenced on December 9, 2021, with the Chief Training Officer as the instructor herself, Jayne Caranto.

The daunting task with a fixed goal

The company’s determination to help its new virtual assistants become more reliable in their services has built the training program's foundation. Chief Training Officer Jayne said that the initiative's goal was more extensive than her initially. Still, Jayne eventually shared a vision with the Ripple VAs’ CEO, Jez Perez. This fixed goal now gives birth to more competent virtual assistants.

The platform and the experience

The system of the first training program of Ripple VAs revolves around the discussions via Zoom and activities through Google Classroom. During the training, discussions and hands-on experiences come together on all chapters.

“For social media management, I asked them to create a social media calendar, complete with content creation, graphics, branding, and social media copy. For the lead generation chapter, I asked them to record a sales call to appreciate how our AEs do it. For Kajabi, I let them create an email sequence in Kajabi,” Jayne shared the activities at the end of each chapter, which she thinks are the highlights of the entire program.

The balance of learning and working

The act of simultaneously studying and earning a living is no joke, but in Ripple’s training program, the graduates proved that they can always find balance.

One of the graduates, Emma Erestain, shared how she persevered through the entire process and what motivated her to continue: “Finishing the training was a struggle because I had to juggle two clients at the same time and attend training classes and doing assignments… I was really about to give up, but Ms. Jayne and my classmates inspired me to finish the training and submit all the assignments. Now, I thank God I was able to finish it. All thanks to God!”

The only way is up

The training program is a stepping stone for some graduates to learn experiences that they haven’t tried before. What better way to end the training than to harbor new knowledge you never thought you could do, right? In the case of April Moñer, she is now starting to apply her new skills to her work routine.

“With Kajabi, the beginning was stage zero for me. But now, I can start learning and eventually build up enough knowledge and skills and build up my confidence to grab a task. So, I got another client on the same day as our graduation night! This time it was for the Kajabi task, and I’m starting to love and enjoy it. I appreciate everything the Ripple VAs, our CEO Ms. Jezrel Perez, and our CTO Ms. Jayne Caranto have done for us and for this amazing opportunity to grow that they have provided for us,” April said.

Plans for the next leg

After the successful culmination of the pioneering batch, the training program expects to train the next set of VAs on the 4th week of January this year with the same qualifications—VAs who are in Ripple for three months or less now. As long as there are still people qualified for the training, the program will continue.

“Seeing them use the skills they learned in training to provide value to their clients makes me happy. Even today, they send me testimonials of their clients, thanking them for doing amazing graphics or social media posts and telling me that they're braver in getting job postings with Kajabi. They're more confident in their skills. As a CTO, that's a huge fulfillment for me. I know I'm doing something amazing,” Chief Training Officer Jayne Caranto shared.


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