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Ripple VA’s Scholar attests to Ripple VA's repute

Kimberly Anne A. Bionson, a proud Ripple VA scholar, joined the pioneering Ripple VA Scholarship program in July 2020.

She is a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Financial Management from Bukidnon State University, received the Outstanding University Student Award, graduated with Latin honors (Cum Laude), and is currently taking a subsequent degree—a BS in Nursing—at the same university.

Kim first learned about the Ripple VA Scholarship Program through its publication to grant scholarships to college students. She then randomly applied for the grant because she needed financial assistance due to the pandemic.

"I always acknowledge that scholarship programs are often highly competitive, and there will be many qualified applicants, so I just ignored it after applying. I can still recall that it was on the 11th of July that I heard a word from them saying that I qualified for the second phase of the screening for the scholarship program, and somebody told me to stand by since there would be a phone call interview. Ripple VAs vetted over 200 applicants, and to my shock, I got chosen as one of the top 10 semifinalists", said Bionson.

Kim had been granted a scholarship from the Ripple VA Scholarship Program, which immensely helped her in her studies. "Just like everyone else, especially in the middle of the pandemic, I was in dire need of financial aid to alleviate the burden of my educational costs and to stop the overwhelming load of financial constraints. I also love to expose myself to the mentorship program, which Ripple VA is deeply rooted in, and to extracurricular activities outside of school," said Kim.

The Ripple VA Scholarship offers many benefits. Aside from the financial aid, they help their scholars spiritually. "It's been authentically one of the best things about Ripple because they place God at the center of their mission; that's why we have our weekly mentorship sessions. Somehow, I focused on improving myself spiritually that I forgot it was a scholarship", said Bionson.

Moreover, Ripple VA scholarships have lightened the burden of financial constraints and provided scholars with the invaluable gift of opportunity. "I am indebted, Ripple. Words alone cannot express my gratitude for your generosity and belief in my potential. Being one of your pioneering scholars is a true honor, a testament to your unwavering commitment to empowering and investing in students like myself", said Kim.

"It is my fervent hope that one day I will have the opportunity to pay this forward and make a positive impact, a ripple effect, on the lives of others, just as you have done for me. Though nothing will ever be as hard as staying afloat amid academic uncertainties, I thank God for judging me worthy as one of your scholars. Thank you, Ripple VAs!" Kim added.


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