Since the founding of Ripple VAs, we have dedicated time and energy not only in serving clients but also in helping communities. Our Mission leg has been designed to respond to ministry work, community or civic development, as well as education. Over the years, we have emphasized that corporate social responsibility should come with a genuine desire to touch lives and make positive ripple effects. 


Our RIPPLE MISSION PROJECTS extend various forms of aid. It is with humility that we say that our company has already made a significant impact on some communities in the Visayas Group of Islands - a geographical unit in the Philippine archipelago. This year, we have also expanded our reach by helping university students in Bukidnon, a province in Mindanao. Here are some of the projects we have implemented in the past two years:

Ripple Mission Projects

Ripples of Joy is an organization aimed towards gathering young Christians, cultivating their spirituality and faith, and making them better catalysts in this changing world. This is part of Ripple VAs’ commitment to fulfilling the plans of God and to induce a ripple of joy, strengthened spirituality, and a sense of humanity.

Every step forward is a step of looking back and giving back. This is something that the Ripple VAs
upholds as it continues to flourish as a booming company while tracing its roots from humble
beginnings. Through " Mission Offerings,” the company remains steadfast in its core mission to create massive waves of humanitarian and religious support.

Throwing Caps

This is Ripple’s academic mission. It gives underprivileged yet deserving students financial aid. This serves as an avenue for the bonafide beneficiaries to thrive in the academe amid the daunting threats of poverty. Additionally, it expands the students'  learning horizon and allows students to appreciate Ripple’s goal of spreading hope, love, and faith to God.



Ripple Community Projects speaks so much of the company’s continued passion of mobilizing civic developments through helping and partnering with community organizations for humanitarian causes. Aiding nonprofit works are aligned to Ripple VAs’ mission of touching lives which — in hope — will
spring out huge networks that will help the company in the tussle for social change.


Ripple VAs partnered with Youth Advocates for the Philippines (YAP) through supporting financial aid and assisting in the limelight the youth organization’s "Tabang Karon" Donation Drive.

AMBAG Project

In collaboration with the Ripple, Project Ambag done several consultations and deliberations, especially in gathering data for the school's (teacher and students) needs in conducting their Blended Learning; the project provided them seminars for teachers regarding their mental health and other materials like face shield which is essential to avoid being infected.

Lihok NegOr's PPE Distribution

Ripple VAs supported Lihok NegOr’s Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) donation drive — which distributed among the medical institutions and to
medical frontline groups within the Province of Negros Oriental.




Project 3.20 is derived from Ephesians 3:20. It was established to provide financial aid to people in our partner church. Project 3.20 is centered on helping the marginalized communities and was inspired by Jesus' influence as the giver and source of abundance and resources.

project 320.png

Ripple’s e-advocacies made full use of the internet’s capabilities by spreading important information
through webinars. This goes with the hope of generating a ripple effect towards advocating for what is good and valuable for society and our communities.




This webinar focused on journalism as a crucial element of society as it provides assistance to democracy and ensures its effective operation. Thus, it has predicated on the assumption that an attentive community is listening towards

the media to utilize its information to create insightful conclusions

and decisions.

Know Elections Better: Responsableng Boto,

Botong Makapilino

This webinar focused on the importance of the right to suffrage. Such right gives Filipinos the power to influence how the government conducts in our
collective interest and realizing hope in three words: Every. Vote. Counts.