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AMBAG Project

The AMBAG Project was created to support the Abellana National School in its blended learning program. It comes from the Visayan word “Ambag” which means to give small contributions or help. It is also aligned with Ripple’s mission to create waves that will make a difference to society.

AMBAG Project started in late May 2020 during the COVID-19 Pandemic. The Brigada Eskwela will not be possible since there are no face-to-face classes. Likewise, the donation campaign is not benefitting the current situation. That is why the Ambag Project wants the donation campaign of the Abellana National School to be redirected to useful means.

The founder of this project, Elizar Sabinay Jr., is an alumnus to the Abellana National School. It is the largest secondary public-school division in Jones Avenue Cebu City with 170 faculty and 3500 students.

He recognizes the difficulty of the students during enrollment as well as the hassle that the teachers undergo. Thus, the circumstances led him to create the AMBAG Project.

Before the project was formally created, it had a series of consultations with the school administration as well as gathering the necessary data and information. From then on, the project is targeted into three strategic areas: resource mobilization, stakeholder participation, and capability building.

Resource Mobilization is the gathering and consolidation of resources to address the needs of the students and teachers. There are sets of items based on a category that needs to be purchased or donated. And among these include the 170 face shields that Ripple VAs will be donating to the teachers. Stakeholder Participation ensures that the school administration is involved from the program’s planning to its implementation. They will engage with the Parent, Teacher, and Community Association (PTCA) and the Alumni Community to give donations for the school.

Capability Building is making the teachers equipped and prepared for Blended learning. Ambag Project conducted the first mental health and first aid workshop to the teachers. And soon, this project will offer Financial Management under Crisis Training which will be open to the parents and teachers. These workshops are important because it is a has a big impact on the ways in responding to the crisis in the physical, emotional, or financial aspect of the teachers. Meanwhile, it will help promote productivity and effectiveness in schoolwork.

It is always a blessing to see a silver lining even if these times are tough. We often take for granted that even AMBAG Project and Ripple VAs help the community even in little ways.

And thus, it should remind all of us to always give back to the community and help others in need.


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