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YouTube Hacks: How YouTube Can Be Used for Marketing

The current biggest platform for hosting videos in the industry - YouTube. This digital giant boasts popularity as thousands of videos are being uploaded to YouTube for every minute that passes by.

Beyond the popularity of the platform, YouTube is also a top avenue for businesses to market their products and services. Not just that, businesses can also increase their brand awareness and popularity through the platform! Novice brands and hotshot companies alike utilize YouTube to generate leads and expand their market.

What is YouTube Marketing?

YouTube has always been a thriving avenue for entertainment and other forms of content, and it also made a name for itself as a significant tool in marketing. As the second largest search engine, businesses have started promoting products and services on Youtube by employing YouTube ads or by publishing valuable videos to a company’s YouTube channel. This marketing practice is known as YouTube Marketing.

Why YouTube?

You may be thinking: “There are greater platforms, why YouTube?” Well, this is the time for you to think again.

With the weekly watch time of traditional TV constantly declining, here are few other reasons on why you should transfer to YouTube:

YouTube is the platform with the second highest number of active users with over half a billion hours of YouTube videos are watched every day.

The platform is so extensive that it can support 80 different languages worldwide and has local versions in 91 countries. That is worth wowing for!

Being the second largest search engine globally, driving traffic to your business site becomes easier as YouTube gains approximately 30 million visits daily.

YouTube is indeed an opportunity-infested platform people use to attract traffic and customers. However, it is not an unexplored gem. Similar to other platforms, YouTube is a very competitive place and does not really allow you to see immediate results after jumping in.

The truth is, similar to Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram, YouTube also utilizes a strong content-ranking algorithm. This means for you to succeed, you must have the strategy, the ability, the background… and perhaps, a few hacks!

Even a simple but right YouTube hack can be the make-or-break difference for your marketing strategy. YouTube hacks can optimize not just your time but your marketing efforts as well!

Here at Ripple VAs, we want to help you and your business succeed through YouTube marketing. Here are a few YouTube hacks designed to help you utilize the platform best:

  1. Choose a good channel name. One major factor in determining the success of your YouTube promotions is your channel name. Make sure your channel name is relevant and matches the kind of products and services your business offers.

  2. Prepare a stunning channel trailer. Whenever a user lands on your channel, the first thing they see is a small and descriptive video — this is called a YouTube channel trailer. Try a lovely cost-free animated video or a paid YouTube intro, depending on your budget.

  3. Get the basics right. You could be an amateur YouTube marketer, but the videos you publish need not to look like it. Prepare scripts and prompts. Maximize areas with good lighting. Minimize background noises. Ensure good audio and video quality.

  4. Know the best time when to upload. Another hack that can save you time and effort is determining the peak hours of the platform. Each day of the week has a unique peak hour when it would be best to publish your videos. Knowing the best time will help you maximize the reach of your videos.

  5. Increase your rank. Although YouTube is a video-based platform, you would still need great content to increase your rank and visibility. Some hacks you can utilize include using keywords, matching your analytics, knowing your audience, keeping your videos short, and incentivizing comments.

  6. Employ SEO. YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google; hence, knowing the importance of search engine optimization is a great advantage! Here are some hacks you can use:

    1. Find keywords and include these keywords in your video’s title and description.

    2. Write useful descriptions.

    3. Make use of accurate tags (including keywords, of course!)

    4. Encourage comments and likes.

  7. Create useful content to drive traffic. Obvious as it may sound, but many businesses do not provide content the viewers need. You can try slashing out overly promotional videos and try focusing on videos that showcase user-generated product reviews, product demos, explainers. Basically, what you need to drive traffic are videos that solve a user’s problem or question!

  8. Live stream your videos to YouTube. After the advent of Facebook Live and Instagram Live, live streaming has been seen to have a massive potential in promoting videos and marketing businesses. This is a hack your business can use because streaming live events adds up to the excitement of your viewers. What’s more is that this does not need a large budget nor any advanced equipment!


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