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[VA Feature] Nicomedes Masalta's Part Time Working Virtual Assistant Experience

Nicomedes Masalta is a twenty-nine-year-old Lanao del Norte Mindanao native. He is a part-time Virtual Assistant and full-time Tourism Operations Officer 1 in Lanao del Norte. For the past eight years, he has worked with Lanao del Norte Local Government Unit under the Provincial Governor's Office.

Before applying as a virtual assistant at Ripple, Nicomedes had prior experience on the same platform in a hybrid setup. His Ripple experience began when he sent an application last June 2022. He was officially onboarded last September 17, 2022. During his CRP Training days at B51 from July 14 to September 12, the Internal support team and top management added B51 to the Ripple job Opening Chat room allowing him to acquire his first client.

Initially, he applied as a Virtual Assistant for additional income from his full-time job, explored career growth, and achieved career fulfillment. He has been curious about why virtual assistants earned a six-figure salary when he first heard of it in college. Another reason was he wanted to spend his spare time side-hustling rather than scrolling through social media applications. He stated that he desires to concentrate his efforts on something significant.

However, at Ripple, he discovered that it is no longer simply about his career and money. It is also about the sense of fulfillment he got after assisting someone in their business or profession to grow and be a part of their success. He mentioned that he felt a different kind of fulfillment when his team worked hard to achieve a remarkable result.

For him, becoming a virtual assistant is all about balancing life in physical and virtual settings. He works full-time during the day and works as a part-time Virtual Assistant at night. He stated that controlling his time was challenging for him, but he managed with the assistance of Ripple. He plans to continue at Ripple as long as the Ripple VAs Management and Client needs his abilities. He feels he is on the right track and has stated a desire to stay for as long as his schedule permits him. He prays that Ripple will grow to let other individuals experience the greatness of God through the ripple effects and works of the company.

His words for aspiring virtual assistants are these: “My advice to aspiring VAs is to never stop believing in yourself and keep on learning things that will help you grow as a VA - embrace changes and develop your skill set. Practice time management as well as work-life balance. Create habits that will help you organize things and don’t forget to pause and relax whenever you’re exhausted. Cheer up and think positively in any way. Very important, Health is Wealth and always seeks guidance from our Creator.”


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