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VA FEATURE: Ma. Theresa Marquez Lerias – The Mother of Resilience

Being an adventurous person, Ma. Theresa Marquez Lerias had the opportunity of being on a Cessna plane. It was conducted for a search and retrieval operation from one of her previous works. Thus, she is an ordinary worker of Ripple VAs but holds impressive achievements with her countless seminars and many years of work experience from different companies. She graduated with Masters in Business Administration at the University of San Jose Recoletos Cebu City in 2007, with a Bachelor's degree in Accountancy. Besides that, a fascinating fact about her is that deep inside, she is a comedian and has a passion for theater art.

Theresa is dauntless, a loyal wife, and a loving mom of five children. She is a firm believer in luck and hard work, and the more she relies on God and His miracles, the more life is worth it. Additionally, she values her health, family, and God above everything. Her loyalty and dedication to her profession made her coworkers describe her as a motherly figure in the workplace. During stressful times, she would rest and read the Bible. This is how she manages a good work ethic, balancing her job with hard work, honesty, and accountability. Aside from that, she can work all day or all night without any problem. And when she is not working, she would do household chores. Her most outstanding achievement was juggling different careers, which made her smarter and more resilient to challenges. This proved helpful during the most challenging time in her life when she lost her availability to go to her regular job during the COVID-19 pandemic and saved herself from its depression.

She applied to Ripple, knowing it would provide her sustainability and mentorship for her Virtual Assistant dreams. It was an answered prayer because she is currently blessed with good clients. Theresa sees to it that she delivers quality service and assures satisfaction with her clients' businesses. Her best experiences with Ripple are the mentorship program and her job. These introduced her to have deeper faith and solidarity. Ripple facilitated her to believe in one's capabilities and to rely on God's providence. Likewise, her message to freelancers is that life is precious. We should live best each moment, one step at a time.


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