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[VA FEATURE] Jose Lorenz Ortaliz: On Mastering Different Skill Sets

Only when we trust in ourselves can we take risks that will lead us to a better journey. Curiosity mixed with passion and dedication can lead you to a better path. Like our next VA, Lorenz, he continually exerted effort, time, and money to learn more about the freelancing industry — through Ripple Success Academy (RSA). With a curious mind and innate talent for greatness, Lorenz is one of many VAs who excel in the freelancing industry.

Jose Lorenz Ortaliz hails from the city of smiles, Bacolod City Negros Occidental. He graduated from John B. Lacson College Foundation as a maritime student. After studying, he was accepted as a scholar at a Norwegian company. He finished his training as an officer but did not pursue it any longer as he wanted to try other jobs to quench his curiosity. Despite being a maritime officer, he explored more possible jobs to gain more experience and knowledge. Before joining Ripple, he worked as a customer service representative and an online English teacher at a Chinese company.

Having a lot of skill sets in his arsenal makes Lorenz different from other VAs. A maritime officer, customer service representative, a teacher, and now one of the in-demand VAs in Ripple. He did not acquire these skills overnight; it is through an investment of time, effort, and money. Lorenz is one of the exemplary graduates of Ripple Success Academy who completed the course to become a top-tier VA. "I enrolled at RSA then after graduation, I passed a letter of intent wanting to be a part of the company."

Ripple VAs has been an interesting, challenging, and enjoyable company for Lorenz. "My experience in Ripple VAs is very amazing, how friendly and helpful the people here are. Honestly speaking, I'm not that great yet as a VA but it makes me want to stay because of how they run the company", he said.

Lorenz's virtual assistant experience began when one of the tenants living in one of their apartments referred him to Ripple. He enrolled in RSA to guarantee the fundamental skills needed to proceed in the company. Graduating from RSA assured him that he's capable of being a virtual assistant. Like Lorenz, You will one day realize that what seems like a sacrifice right now will be the best investment you have ever made or will ever make for yourself.

Ripple VAs have had a significant role in molding Lorenz's character and guiding him in developing his spiritual side. With Ripple, he not only found emotional joy but also found financial success, even as a newcomer.

Lorenz has shown that if you believe in yourself and God, you can confront and conquer any challenge. He consistently gives exceptional customer service and follows the company's mission and purpose in all he does. His experience should serve as an encouragement to other VAs. He said in his statement, "No matter how many times you fall. Remember that God gave you feet to stand up every time you stumble down. "


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