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[VA Feature] Ian Leomark Sumaylo: Life-Changing Journey of a Virtual Assistant

“Being a VA is not my dream but investing my time and effort in developing my skills leads me to who I am now.”

This is the story of Ian Leomark, a 27-year-old Specialist Virtual Assistant specializing in video editing, who had a life-changing journey as he began being a virtual assistant. He started as a part-time VA under an active VA of Ripple. Ian took this opportunity for him to be exposed and indulged in this industry and his decision did not fail him for it has led him to who he is today.

Ian used to work at 1st Valley Bank last 2017 and also worked at the Provincial General Services Offices of Lanao del Norte from July 19, 2017, until July 15, 2022. He then applied to be a virtual assistant at RippleVAs because he saw how Ripple VAs is different from other agencies because of its goal of glorifying God above all. Ian also stated that “I choose Ripple VAs because nasa Ripple and true love.”. He was amazed at how the company works as a business and as a ministry.

To date, Ian’s journey with Ripple VAs is great. He doesn’t have a lot of difficulties when it comes to his work because he stated that his clients are very approachable and considerate. Moreover, if he does have any problem regarding his tasks, he then asks for clarifications from his client or asks for some help from his co-VAs in the agency. With this, he can easily accomplish his task by reaching out freely to other VAs. Furthermore, Ian usually works during the daytime because of the flexibility of his tasks and work hours.

Upon working in Ripple VAs, Ian has been earning 5 times his previous salary. This has really changed his life and it allowed him to help and provide more for his family. Ian’s decision to be a virtual assistant has really brought him to places and has really made him who he is today. He has really grown spiritually and emotionally with how he works as a VA in Ripple.

Ian has been immensely proud of his achievements so far as a VA. He is grateful and proud every time his client is very satisfied with his output especially when his client doesn't have any revisions and praises his output. These victorious moments make him want to improve himself and it motivates him to continue learning. And as days go by, Ian proudly works with dedication and is ready to take on any challenge that comes his way as he goes on his life-changing journey as a virtual assistant.


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