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[VA Feature] Divina Nacar Manzano – Life and Mentorship

Proverbs 3:5 Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. This describes the life of Divina Nacar Manzano, a virtual assistant of Ripple VAs for one year. She is the second to the eldest of five siblings in the family and was recently married last June 2, 2022, to Dutch Jayson Manzano.

Her boss and coworkers describe her as a good team player, an organized individual, very detailed oriented, prioritizes tasks, and just overall - remarkable. Divina's ability to learn new things, adapt to a new environment, and be always on time, makes her unique. She is passionate about helping the ministry, family, and her clients. Meanwhile, she loves to travel, play badminton, go to beaches, and watch movies during her spare time.

Divina's greatest personal achievement is her ability to help clients reconcile and coordinate bank accounts. On the other hand, the greatest adversity she overcame was when she became the breadwinner of her family. It was a struggle, but because of God's goodness and faithfulness in her life, she overcame it not by her own strength but by His grace and guidance.

When she decided to become a Virtual Assistant, unknowingly, this seemingly insignificant decision had a massive impact on her life. She attended online courses like Learn Bookkeeping Today and Semrush Online Training. The online courses allow her to be equipped and gain knowledge about bookkeeping and SEO basics.

If Divina could describe her Virtual Assistant experience in one word, it would be – amazing. She applied to Ripple, knowing she would be in good hands and influenced by the company's excellent core values. She contributes to the company by helping clients and allowing them to experience the extraordinary VA services offered while offering her services as a mentor to the virtual assistants. Thus, making her a better person. Divina's message is this, "do not be afraid to take a leap of faith in pursuing your freelancing career".


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