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[SUCCESS STORY] Victor's Cup: "Consistency is Key to Success" by John Victor Mayo

John Victor Mayo is an Executive VA of Ripple VAs.

Walk of life before Ripple

  • John Victor worked in a Philippine government-controlled corporation.

Upon joining Ripple

  • John Victor said Ripple helped him grow as a VA. Overcoming ups and downs was always part of his VA journey. Giving a good and balanced mindset towards situations helped him manage his emotions and provide the correct verdict in every case.

Today's stint in Ripple

  • John Victor is currently working on being a consistent VA. He said constant passion for this kind of work is always challenging for him and every other VA.

  • He also has a long-term dream to erect a satellite office in Capiz. He wants to share Ripple with his fellow brothers in the Lord who wants to work full-time in the church and at the same time earn money.


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