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[SUCCESS STORY] Rhovhin Kia Lumanta: A Former Non-believer's Spiritual Breakthrough

Rhovhin Kia Lumanta is a Specialist VA of Ripple VAs.

Walk of life before Ripple

  • During the pandemic, Kia had nothing to do but binge-eat and watch TV. Kia found purpose in online freelancing and made it her life. It helped her escape her ongoing existential crises and earn without much effort. However, burnout ended her two-year freelance writing career. She sought other alternatives in their place and found a local company that immediately affected her mentally and emotionally, making her question her sanity. After a few months of being jobless, she noticed a Facebook post about a local VA startup and learned about Ripple.

Upon joining Ripple

  • Kia, an atheist, first had no idea why she had applied to the Christian company. Her parents were overjoyed to hear about Ripple when she told them about it. Her father's words, "You have been avoiding Him for years, and now He has reached out to you," echoed in her head. Kia did not know what her father meant back then, but she does now.

Today's stint in Ripple

  • Kia found going to Sunday Services a chore when she first started at Ripple, but she has since become accustomed to and even enjoys them. Despite her first shock, she admitted that the experience was rather pleasant.

  • To Kia's mind, the fog has lifted, and she can see her next steps more clearly. She never imagined she would find fulfillment working for a company whose purpose is to serve the community with God at its center, but here she is, doing her best to uphold the principles that Ripple has instilled in her.

  • Ripple assisted her in making a profound inner shift and spiritual breakthrough that she had previously considered impossible. She used to not believe in God, but now she prays to Him every night for the gift of another day. Life might be challenging when she has a lot on her mind, but she learned that turning her worries over to God makes the load easier to bear.

  • If she had to sum up her six months at Ripple in one word, it would be "Growth." She is developing in ways, and at apace, she never imagined possible when she was 16.


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