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[SUCCESS STORY] From Hustling Student to Six-Figure Earner: Jan's Story of Successful Perseverance

Had he not linked to Ripple VAs, Jan probably would have continued his pursuit of an accounting and law degree as someone who has previously yearned to be a CPA lawyer.

Sharpening his business acumen has always been Jan’s goal and lifelong commitment. As a college student known to have excelled in various ­fields, he thought applying to Ripple would aid him in achieving smooth financial freedom and independence. However, at one point, he had initial struggles and bumps.

The conviction that leads to financial and spiritual breakthroughs

Jan succeeded when he started adding value to his clients, and in return, it reflected in his economic and spiritual breakthroughs as an individual. To perform this, he invested in upskilling and growth by learning multiple tools necessary in the VA world and researching various topics. It allowed him to grasp what he needed to know to add value to his clients.

Besides learning and expanding his knowledge in the freelancing world, Jan also yearned to earn at least six digits per month. Admittedly, he achieved his goals in his two years and four month-stay in the company.

For Jan, Ripple allowed him to experience a financial breakthrough by giving him the platform to earn while also experiencing a spiritual breakthrough through the company's mentorship sessions that connected him with the Lord even further. He expressed that his desire to achieve these breakthroughs is not lightyears away. It was within his hands; sometimes, it just took an application letter to take hold of it.

The engines that move Jan toward his goals

Jan shared that his success habits are steering away from unproductivity, managing his tasks and priorities properly, and understanding that we all have the same number of hours daily. Still, our success boils down to how we efficiently utilize these hours.

Jan realized he did not achieve success by keeping it to himself; it is through adding value to the people around him and the people he is working with. With this, he can take ownership and accountability for his time, feelings, and energy. As such, he now knows how to step in and away when needed.

Instead of having an employee mindset, Jan also said he has a business and growth mindset that guides him in work and daily life.

The familiarity that reveals what Ripple VAs is all about

Jan’s experiences told how Ripple VAs has not been selfish about opportunities and growth. While the company has been scaling, he attested to how it guides each virtual assistant in its care to create a space for growth and achieve breakthroughs in its definitions.

Jan also said Ripple VAs CEO Jezrel Perez inspired him. She could take charge of her future and career at a young age through the right decision and with the right team.


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