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Ripple VAs’ Scholar recounts scholarship opportunities

"The Ripple VA Scholarship Program should continue because it gives financial support to those hardworking, dedicated, and deserving students, and it transforms lives and creates a positive impact through their mentoring program," said Mr. Castada, a former scholar of Ripple VA.

Darius Leo L. Castada II, a twenty-four-year-old Cum Laude graduate from Bukidnon State University with a Bachelor's Degree in Secondary Education major in Filipino from Malaybalay City, Bukidnon, was a Ripple VA Scholar from August 2021 up to January 2022.

Darius first took notice of Ripple VA through one of its Facebook posts, where somebody shared that they were looking for potential scholars, to which he later applied.

He joined the Ripple VA Scholarship Program because he wanted a program that would help him with his school finances.

The Ripple VA scholarship program has helped students like Darius himself with its monthly allowance benefits and fellowship through the Mentoring Program.

Castada described his student days with Ripple VA as fresh air. During his time as a scholar, he always looked forward to their fellowship in the Mentoring Program. He said, "During the weekly and monthly fellowship, we share experiences, challenges, and reflections of what has transpired in our week. It became a safe space and haven for all of us, and we gave an outlet to express ourselves and share our ideas."

Castada was grateful to the Ripple VA Family for choosing him as one of their Scholars. "I will always take pride and honor to be one of their Scholars. The Ripple VA Mentoring Program became an opportunity for me to reflect on life's beauty and always embraced challenges in life. This scholarship program will always have a space in my heart. Daghang salamat", he added.

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