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Ripple VAs’ Content & Marketing Department: Quick Trip Down Memory Lane (A 2nd Anniversary Feature)

Ripple VAs is a Philippine-based virtual assistance company that strives to create a positive ripple effect to the community, to the client, and to the ministry. We are aiming to provide quality services to our clients all over the world.

If you have gone through the official website or any social media account of Ripple VAs, you may have noticed a regular flow of content of all forms: videos, graphics, and blogs. Behind the strong and burgeoning social media visibility of Ripple VAs is the Content & Marketing Department.

The Content & Marketing (C&M) Department was founded on May 11, 2020, with Chief Internal Marketing Officer Earl Guen Padayao as the appointed head. Currently, the department is composed of Tirzah Manzano as the Assistant Internal Marketing Officer, Jan Dale Carlo Catalonia as the Associate Internal Marketing Officer and ten (10) project-based virtual assistants.

Before the Content & Marketing Department was established, Ripple VAs only had six blogs from December 2019 to February 2020 and its official Facebook page only had a humble number of 400 likes. Now, Ripple VAs boasts an astounding number of 227 blogs and 3,753 Facebook likes.

The bit between the founding moment and now is quite a long story — full of lessons learned and milestones achieved — and we are more than delighted to take you on a trip down memory lane.

The Content & Marketing Department

In May 2020, the Content & Marketing Department was officially established and all of the company’s marketing channels have been turned over to the department. Following this, the first batch of project-based virtual assistants was onboarded in June 2020. These VAs were: Jaya, Jan, Vhon, Riza, Gernando, John Michael, Joe, Reychemver, and Keanu.

Later in 2021, Jaya left the team and two new project-based virtual assistants joined the team: Kenneth and Rose.

The Milestones

Aside from making sure that content is made available on all social media platforms of Ripple every day, the Content & Marketing Department celebrates its participation in various milestones of the company.

Brand Stories

Brand stories are effective tools in activating emotions and communicating the values of a company. This encapsulates the company image and how our own brand presents itself to the world, including how the public perceives the company. With the support of the management of Ripple VAs, the Content and Marketing Department was able to produce two (2) brand stories for the company, successfully showcasing the perspectives of both our clients and employees.

Ripple VAs’ Content & Marketing Department: A Quick Trip Down Memory Lane (A 2nd Anniversary Feature)

In addition to the abovementioned milestones, the department is also responsible for branding video testimonials from clients, preparing VA caricatures, and reviewing the email signatures of every virtual assistant in the company.

If those were not enough, the Content & Marketing department also regularly coordinates with Chief Website Officer Faith Rubin to introduce new content and possible changes to the website. The department also prepared one blog and one video each to accompany the twenty-one (21) services offered by the company, as provided on the website.

This April 2022, the Content and Marketing Department also introduced Ripple +, the official virtual assistance podcast of Ripple VAs which has three episodes up to date, including a 0th episode.

The Content & Marketing Department: In 2022 & Beyond

Today, May 11, 2022, the Content & Marketing Department celebrates its second founding anniversary. While this milestone commemorates the victory and efforts of the department in the last two years, this also serves as a gentle reminder for the department to foster consistency and continuously go beyond expectations.

Cheers for another two and more years to come, Content & Marketing Department!


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