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RIPPLE NEWS: Training Department introduces 'Ripple Guides'

To monitor the development of new virtual assistants (VAs), Ripple VAs' Training Department introduced "Ripple Guides" on September 2022, composed of eight women.

Training Department Head Liezel Lumiguid, Chief Mission Officer Stella Geraldez, Chief Service Desk Officer Jayne Caranto, Chief Website Maintenance Officer Faith Rubin, Chief Internal Support Officer Cathlene Ayacaide, Ripple VAs-Dipolog Satellite Managing Director Patricia Louisse Garcia, Danele Hope Manzano, Tirzah Joy Manzano, and Glaiza Jane Espina teamed up to help streamline Ripple's training processes and foster its new VAs' growth.

"This [Ripple Guides] was first developed on our mission trip to Dipolog, where each member of the Mission Core Team was paired with a particular new VA to monitor their progress. We officially used the term when we started our CRP Training Batch 52," Lumiguid said.

Lumiguid added that she first reached out to those VAs assigned to keep track of the progress of Ripple VAs-Dipolog VAs, explaining that they had firsthand knowledge of how to become "Ripple Guides."

Additionally, Lumiguid said the Ripple Guides play a vital role in the company's operations since they filter the VAs who will be officially onboarded to Ripple.

"They also ensure that all trainees who pass the CRP Training are competent, dependable, dedicated, committed, and have initiative," Lumiguid further said.

According to Lumiguid, the tasks of the Ripple Guides included instructing a specific subject given by the department, preparing all training materials, including recordings and exercises, checking each trainee's output, and providing helpful inputs and assessments.

They also assist the training department in deciding on the CRP trainees' final grades and whether they pass.

Lumiguid said that since the Ripple Guides is still a relatively new system in the Training Department, they are still working to enhance their standard operating procedure (SOP) and how they connect with the trainees.

"[This is because] the structure and the standard of the training rules and regulations develop as our CRP training progresses," Lumiguid explained.

Lumiguid added that she looks forward to when Ripple Guides undergo training in handling people, providing inputs, and providing feedback effectively.

"Future Ripple Guides need the heart to help others, have much patience toward others, and seek progress for new VAs," Lumiguid ended.

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