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RIPPLE NEWS: Q2-Q3 clients decline; no absolute effect on company's ops, Internal Support Dep't head

Internal Support Department Head Cathlene Ayacaide said Ripple VAs successfully closed 129 clients for the Second Quarter (Q2) of 2022, while 101 closed clients as of September 26 for Q3.

The figures showed a slight decrease in closed clients for Q2 and Q3 compared to Q1, with 194 clients.

However, Ayacaide maintained that the decline in clients does not absolutely affect the company's operations because "we are also making sure to retain our clients from the previous years and quarters by giving them the best virtual assistants (VAs) we have."

"In doing business, there is always a season for everything. There are seasons when VA services are not in demand in some months, and we understand that. And sometimes, it booms every 'ber' months," Ayacaide said.

Ayacaide added that many clients arrived in Ripple, but most of their reasons why they would not push through include the latter's unpreparedness, lack of budget, or more time for thought.

"But overall, as I observed, the closed clients starting September are getting higher in number," Ayacaide further said.

On another note, Chief Client Success Officer Joseth Armell Mamitag said Ripple VAs aimed to focus more on developing better relationships with its clients to increase loyalty which gears towards repeat purchases of its packages.

To retain clients for Q2 and Q3, Mamitag said they wanted to promote a relational rapport instead of a transactional one.

In addition, Mamitag shared that Ripple VAs is developing more strategies to encourage clients to buy its packages to increase the client acquisition rate to 50 percent in the next quarter.

"We always make sure to find ways on how we can add value to our clients every day. Our account executives (AEs) keep tabs on our clients from time to time to ensure all their needs are taken care [of]. Building that connection with them and making our clients feel that they are not just our clients," Mamitag said.

Meanwhile, Ayacaide noted that the company still has enough VAs and clients, detailing 20 to 25 new potential clients weekly.

Moreover, Ayacaide stated that the company maintains its goal to help VAs reach their desired number of clients, prioritize them, and allow them to take at least five active clients.

She also said that Ripple's recruitment continues with around 10 to 15 VAs approaching every month.

Ayacaide is confident that the Internal Support Department has implemented a more streamlined process for Q2 and Q3 by coordinating with Ripple's different departments.

She added that they have also successfully conducted Internal Support Training with Ripple VAs-Dipolog.

Lastly, Ayacaide expressed that they were able to collate clients' feedback for their VA's performances, all contributing big-time to the company's success.


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