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RIPPLE NEWS: Dipolog Sat Office gets 63% client base increase in Q1; credits strong leadership

Ripple VAs-Dipolog has seen a 63 percent increase in clients since the first quarter (Q1) of 2023, attributed to the combined efforts of all accountability departments and the Growth Department's continuous improvement under Satellite Managing Director Patricia Louisse Garcia's leadership.

Several factors have contributed to the surge in the client base, emphasizing that their close monitoring and improving the growth department has been instrumental in achieving this feat.

According to Garcia, her team tapped the services of a Lead Generation Specialist from Ripple VAs-Main and onboarded three new Account Executives to enhance their services' quality and delivery.

Moreover, the office's approach to improving its internal processes and services has been focused on adding value to its clients.

Garcia stated that they have instituted training programs to better their Account Executives' abilities and standard operating procedures (SOPs).

Their team has also established monthly check-ins to improve the client's overall office experience further.

Despite not running any targeted marketing efforts, the satellite office's new client retention rate is 62.8 percent, with an overall retention rate of 72.97 percent.

It shows that the office's efforts have successfully provided quality services to clients, resulting in satisfied customers who choose to stay with the company.

Garcia emphasized that they are committed to many initiatives to maintain and increase the growth in their customer base in the next quarter.

These initiatives include refining their Internal Support Department and enhancing their training programs for the Account Executives.

Additionally, the management intends to set up a specific feedback mechanism to guarantee constant enhancement of their services.

How this client increase will affect the business's overall profitability and financial outlook remains to be seen.

However, the office has conducted vision casting for applicants and those interested in joining Ripple and a Multiplier vision casting for a Ripple client, aiming to build a solid and engaged community and create a sustainable pipeline of potential clients.

Ripple VAs-Dipolog has also onboarded three new Account Executives, absorbed the SOWing leadership sessions from Ripple VAs-Main, and established five ministry leaders in music, presiding, maintenance, technical, and multimedia.

These recent changes fully display the satellite office's dedication to growth and development.


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