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Of Science and Technology: The Paradox of the Pioneering CIT Ripple Interns.

“Virtus in Scientia et Tecnologia”

In English, it means Virtue in Science and Technology.

Cebu Institute of Technology - University is a private, non-sectarian academic establishment in Cebu City, Philippines. The university delivers basic and higher education with a foundation in general and technological education. CIT-U students, or Teknoys, are known to boast their expertise in the Science and Engineering field. Whenever their Engineering students take the board exams, they always produce topnotchers. Truly, they are achieving their goal of creating graduates with comprehensive knowledge and competence in engineering and architecture responsive to the dynamic needs of the local and global communities.

However, CIT-U has also yielded international and local business and community readiness professionals by incorporating current business technology with total-grade business and management values within the context of total human development. Their students from the College of Management, Business, and Accountancy also boast their skills, especially when interning for successful companies like Ripple VAs. As Ripple VAs moves forward with their goal to create an excellent experience for their employees; they consider their interns, Jelliane and Jan Dale, their assets.

Jellianne Canonigo and Jan Dale Catalonia are currently graduating CIT students taking up Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Marketing Management. Jellianne was a student fond of joining different student organizations such as the Rotaract Club of Metro Cebu CIT Chapter and the CIT University SSG. Jan Dale’s specialization focuses on the practical application of concepts, techniques, approaches, and marketing methodologies in organizations and companies.

To them, their course aims to provide CIT students with the information and abilities necessary for marketing and sales tactics. They are taught the skills and competencies required to fully maximize marketing principles to achieve optimal returns on investment. Topics covered include how businesses choose the goods and services they will offer, how target markets and consumers are identified, and how to approach each group.

Integrating an internship program into the program’s curriculum is vital for students like Jellianne and Jan Dale in the field to have practical experience in the corporate world. Through the internship program, they receive supplementary education and skills by experiencing firsthand marketing-related work with clients and companies. “It is important to include an internship in the curriculum because it enables students to work directly in the aspect of their program. It helps them know how their course really works in the field,” John Dale iterates.

Jellianne and Jan Dale were both student leaders in CIT. Jellianne agrees and is always grateful for their experiences as a student leader. It gave them the confidence to work with others, develop discipline, and get a spot in the internship program. They learned the value of accountability and the importance of taking charge of their own future. Through these learning experiences, they tackled the working student life while juggling multiple priorities. Their student leader backgrounds opened the door for them to Ripples VA.

Both interns discovered the company through a peer recommendation. Jellianne used to work for Ripple and was even able to attend their Year-end Christmas Party last 2020. She chose Ripple as a deployment unit for her internship because the company has an effective marketing strategy that interests her. Since Ripple VAs provide services to an international array of clients, Jan Dale believes his experience as a Ripple intern will open his perspective to global demands. This will allow his integration into fast-paced industries, improving resilience and capacity when dealing with matters locally.

Before joining Ripple, Jellianne and Dale expected to learn the fundamentals of marketing and how marketing works in a company. As interns, they want to maximize their internship opportunities to absorb as many lessons as possible when working with international clients and get accustomed to the global demands regarding competencies, skills, and personality. This is so they can apply their learnings in the future, even after completing an internship at Ripple VAs. They also anticipated learning how to make marketing content for the company.

Jellianne and Jan Dale admire Ripple VAs’ priority for a Christ-centered culture. This allowed the team to experience a good working adventure — one where they celebrate one another’s winning and support each other to achieve individual and collective aspirations. Only in Ripple VAs can employees witness spiritual breakthroughs while giving financial breakthroughs— giving them holistic and worthwhile affairs. The mentorship sessions and Ripple+ Podcast episodes also let the company stand out from other VA Companies.

Would they recommend Ripple VAs for future interns? Absolutely! Ripple VAs is one of the companies that use the modern type of marketing, and students can learn the new digital way of doing business. Furthermore, employees will not only undergo a hands-on working experience but also meet a welcoming family, a supportive community, and a unique experience with the clients.

Cebu Institute of Technology - University may be a haven of Science and Technology, but they surely produce superb quality Marketing students, especially exceptional Virtual Assistants. Jellianne and Jan Dale are true examples of management and business professionals who are self-learning, highly functional, and technology-oriented.


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