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It Does What? Pump Up Your VA Career with These Remarkable Grammarly Tactics

Cyberspace is our exclusive realm as virtual assistants. It goes without saying that we'd need to conduct ourselves professionally in the virtual world to demonstrate our expertise to clients further. This includes both verbal and written communication skills.

The importance of nuances in spell check and proper grammar cannot be overstated. You'd want to know basic editing techniques and sound like a professional when pitching ideas and conversing with clients.

Grammarly comes in handy in this situation.

About the App

What's Grammarly? Simply put, Grammarly is a "grammar assistant" app that checks for grammar, proper spelling, plagiarism, and other issues. It also does so without requiring you to publish your work directly to the source.

So, whether it's a short email, a flashy presentation, a persuasive branding article, or just regular spiels with your client, you can impress them with some basic yet impactful tactics using the software.

Here's how you can spike up your VA journey with these remarkable Grammarly tips you shouldn't miss.

It Does What?

1. Grammar, Spelling, and Vocabulary

Suppose you're a virtual assistant who provides many writing services or frequently interacts with your bosses. In that case, you could quickly scan your sentences using the app before sending them to the recipient. It can almost accurately correct unnoticed grammar and spelling mistakes and improve your word choices.

When Grammarly detects potential errors, it will highlight them in red. Just hover over the error to correct it or mark it as correct. It's as simple as that. It can also help you improve your vocabulary to make it sound more professional or whatever else you want— and your boss or reader wouldn't even know.

2. Punctuation, Content, and Sentence Structure

If you're new to writing as a virtual assistant, Grammarly can help you catch punctuation errors that even the best writers miss. Not only that, but the app also has a feature that can improve the context and structure of your sentences, making them sound more compelling, concise, and non-monotonous.

3. Writing Style Consistency

If, on the other hand, you already have some freelance writing experience but are having trouble maintaining consistency in your writing style, Grammarly can assist you in maintaining the tone of your article, post, or email.

That means your client can have as much content as they want while you don't have to change your writing style too much. Grammarly's tone check feature supports this. When you connect Grammarly to your email account, it will tell you whether you sound happy, sad, or angry in your emails. This is useful if you don't want to appear in a certain way.

4. Plagiarism

Grammarly's premium plan also detects plagiarism in over 16 billion online sites. As virtual assistants, we are expected to be responsible digital citizens since the virtual world is basically our domain; we inhabit it.

Using Grammarly will help VAs ensure that what we authored isn't plagiarized, especially if we're using it for commercial purposes. In addition, we want to make sure our works don't sound too similar to something else.

So, Is it Worth a Try?

While some features are dependent on the type of plan you choose (premium or free), Grammarly still provides a lot of value.

Whether you're a new VA, a tenured VA, or a VA who wants to provide writing services, Grammarly can help. It's almost highly accurate, and it explains why it's correcting you. It's also very easy to use. So, it's definitely worth a shot!


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