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In Hindsight: A Quick Recap of Ripple VA's 3rd Quarter CWM

Proverbs 16:3 — Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.

Ripple VAs has experienced yet another fantastic and bountiful quarter of the year.

With all the virtual assistants gathered last September 30, 2022, the 3rd Quarter Company Wide Meeting was an excellent time to look back at the blessings and milestones God has given us.

Together, let’s take a peek at what has transpired during the most recent quarter company-wide meeting.

The Company-Wide Meeting started with the conduct of an energizing introduction activity in the form of team games that allowed the virtual assistants to foster camaraderie and teamwork amongst themselves. As Ripple VAs is a Christ-centered company, winners of the game were acknowledged and rewarded accordingly.

Thereafter, the Company Wide Meeting carried on with the delivery of the quarterly department updates from the Department Heads of Ripple VAs. Setting the tone of the updates was the Head of the Content & Marketing Department, Earl Guen Padayao, who cascaded the updates on the current projects being handled by the department such as the conduct of Fireside Chats and the launch of twelve other projects, including Project India which now relates to the recently installed webinar series of the company.

The Growth Department followed under the leadership of Chief Growth Officer Emeljune Corpuz who gave updates on the client acquisition processes and statistics of Ripple VAs. Third to present was the Website Department led by Faith Rubin who shared about their recent wins which include the launch of the Ripple VAs Dipolog website.

Moving on, Ripple VAs heard the updates from the Recruitment Department led by Chief Recruitment Officer Cecil Encinares who gave updates on the automation progress of the company’s recruitment process. Closely linked to the Recruitment Department is our fourth presenter, the Onboarding Department led by Apple Libo-on who shared updates about the new standard operating procedures for new virtual assistants. Together with the Recruitment process, the Onboardin process is also bound to be automated.

Proceeding to Ripple’s newest department, Jayne Caranto of the Service Desk Department conducted a mini-trivia game to promote the roles and responsibilities of her department. This was then followed by Stella Geraldez, the in-charge of the Mission Department that is responsible for the success of the new Satellite Offices, the recent Nationwide Leadership Summit and the Mentors’ Training.

AJ Mamitag of the Client Success Department succeeded the discussion by sharing his department’s wins which include an increased figures of client responses, client referrals, and client retention. Cath Ayacaide of the Internal Success Department then shared about the Accountability Heads, the New Categories of Awards, and the Additional Features to Ripple VAs’ payroll software.

Next in line was the recently onboarded Chief Training Officer Liezel Lumiguid who gave updates for the Training Department. Updates include the onboarding of the first batch of Ripple Guides who shall start serving as trainers and mentors to Batch 52 of CRP Trainees and the next batches to come.

Jennifer Adia of the Lead Generation Department then talked about the Weekly Development Training and the lead-turned-calls statistics which are all wins under her department. Newly onboarded Chief Management Staff Officer Yvonne Loquinte then shared updates for the Management Staff Department. Her department wins included the increasing team members and the numerous support extended to other departments.

Nearing the end of the Department Updates, Chief Financial Officer Melvz Ayacaide took the floor to give updates for the Accounting and Payroll Department. Updates included the official turnover of payroll training and clients to Ripple VAs Dipolog and the additional features to our Payroll Software.

Chief Operations Officer Shana Manzano then talked about her updates and wins for the Operations Department which included the refining of internal processes, onboarding of new department heads, and the transition of our Satellite Offices.

Satellite Managing Director and Chief External Marketing Officer Hanna Caraig then followed to cascade information about the milestones of the External Marketing Department which include the launching of the Ripple Referral Software and our very own premium projects. The Community Department led by Cyd Batalon then wrapped up the presentation by talking about the launching of the Ripple Milestone Card.

Satellite Managing Director for Dipolog Patricia Louisse Garcia and Satellite Managing Director fo Batangas Hanna Caraig then talked about the progress, the milestones, and the challenges of the Satellite Offices.

In between these Department Updates were VA Success Stories where the company highlighted virtual assistants who have shown exemplary performance and embodied an inspiring story worthy of mention to their fellow colleagues. Chrischa Marie Rosalejos, Mhelyn Decendario, and Dubhe Esmalla were the three individuals who shared their success stories.

Aside from these, Chief Executive Officer Jezrel Perez gave the virtual assistants a reorientation and realignment to the goals and objectives of the company by setting expectations and sharing the vision for the company in the next few months, including the launch of the Ripple Optimum Impact.

To end the Company Wide Meeting in a high note, the Top Management of Ripple VAs led by Jezrel Perez conducted the Quarterly Recognition of Special Awardees who have exhibited noteworthy performance and achieved certain key performance metrics in furthering the goals and objectives of Ripple.

Glory to God for all the blessings and wins we’ve received! We lift all that we do and all that we accomplish to the Most Holy Name of the Lord.


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