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How can Virtual Assistant Leaders (VALs) improve diversity and inclusion in your workplace

Ever wonder how some small and medium-sized enterprises, like Siegan HR Solutions Inc. and DHL Express (Philippines) Corp., have higher ratings of job satisfaction from their staffers? That is because their companies offer a great working environment conducive to personal growth.

Creating a diverse and inclusive community among workers in enterprises plays a huge role in fostering a driving force toward a likable working environment. But it can be hard to achieve such an objective for certain staffers who handle the application season when the company’s future depends on it.

With that, Ripple VAs believes that our Virtual Assistant Leaders (VALs), who have tangible skill sets that are equally suited to this job, can help pave the way for enterprises to claim their vision and ensure all workers feel valued and respected.

In this blog, we’ll discuss how VALs improve diversity and inclusivity in your workplace.

Reducing bias in hiring and recruiting

First and foremost, unconscious biases happen in the workplace, which can result in complications such as an unhealthy work environment and a less diverse workplace. Unconscious bias is a stereotype we make when we hold preconceived judgments about others. To ensure diversity within the community, hiring a VAL can help reduce bias in hiring and recruiting processes through the use of data-driven algorithms.

For instance, VALs eliminate personal information, such as name and address, to avoid unconscious bias when scanning the resume during the selection process. This is to ensure that all applicants are scrutinized following their qualifications.

In addition, VALs can conduct blind interviews with the applicants without any identifying information. With this, all applicants in the selection process are evaluated equally based on their abilities.

Fosters inclusive culture

It is paramount to foster inclusivity in any workplace for a healthier work environment, and VALs can help lead companies to that vision.

For instance, VALs can assist in giving feedback and recognition, sending reminders of important schedules, and bridging communication and collaboration among the staffers.

What's more, VALs can help design programs for diversity training and development. They can deliver online training modules on topics such as cultural competency, unconscious bias, and inclusive leadership.

Support Persons with Disabilities (PWD) or Language Barriers in the Workplace

VALs are a huge help to the company’s workforce. They assist, provide resources, and more importantly, can support the needs of the staffers with disabilities or language barriers.

For instance, VALs can offer staffers with hearing or speech impairments accessible communication methods like text messaging or speech recognition. This is to guarantee that every staffer has equal access to information and communication.

Also, staffers who speak multiple languages can benefit from the translation services offered by VALs. Take note, ensuring that everyone can understand and participate in meetings and other workplace activities can ultimately help bridge communication gaps.

By fostering inclusiveness and diversity, VALs have the potential to change the workplace. VALs can assist companies in creating a more fair and inviting workplace by minimizing bias in the hiring and recruiting processes, establishing an inclusive culture, and supporting staffers with impairments or language problems.

Ripple VAs ensures you that VALs will play a bigger part in advancing diversity and inclusion in your workplace as technology develops.


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