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How Businesses can Build Back Better in a Post-Pandemic Society

In this time of a global pandemic and the succeeding economic depression that will soon follow, companies all over the world have been looking for ways to get back to normal. However, the “normal” was unsustainable, and in more ways than one has led to the various crises that are challenging us at present. Companies have to undergo drastic changes and strive to build back better, for the old ways have proved to be detrimental to the people, the planet, and profit.

All over the world, the priorities of companies have shifted, and rightfully so. We have to keep up with the changing times by addressing organizational concerns and implementing necessary changes to office culture. In this new normal and time of the digital revolution, companies face the need to handle the situation in more mindful and sustainable approaches.

Here are ways on how businesses can approach the “new normal”:

1. Prioritizing well-being.

Businesses must ensure that their employees’ health will be unaffected during these times, thus bettering their medical benefits would be likely. Providing them free access to mental health services to avoid burnout, anxiety, and depression, which could negatively affect their productivity.

The workplace should serve as a safe space, and must, therefore, be diverse and inclusive.

2. Empowering employees.

Employees are the brand ambassadors of a company. The experiences that they have in a workplace tells the consumers a lot about what kind of company they patronize. The priority of all companies must be to strengthen their workers’ rights, give them fair wages, and provide them with safe working conditions. This pandemic has proved how essential workers are, as they can bring the economy to its knees. Employees must be given more flexible work arrangements such as remote work or working-from-home (WFH), which has been on a rise since the quarantines started. With this, online communication and collaboration tools are a must, so that everyone can share their ideas and feel that they are valuable to the company.

3. Investing in more sustainable and eco-friendly approaches.

Investing and using energy from renewable sources is not just helpful to the planet;

it’s also low-cost for companies in the long run.

There are also numerous ways to reduce your company’s greenhouse gas emissions by giving out loans or discounts for employees to purchase bicycles, as public commuting is an avenue for virus transmission, and going to work in a private car clogs up the streets and releases large amounts of carbon emissions. The workplace can also be more sustainable by sourcing local, plant-based, and seasonal food options in their cafeterias to support farmers, to boost health, and to lessen the company’s carbon footprint.

4. Establishing a unique social media presence.

In highly competitive industries, having a unique social media presence that makes you stand out is tough. The key is to have a remarkable branding paired with consistency so that the social media algorithm is in your company’s favor. This is why companies must invest in virtual assistants (VAs). VAs are vital for a company to manage their social media presence, engage more people online, and improve the overall digital experience.

5. Investing in technology and digital security.

Companies have allotted a considerable percentage of their budget for gadgets, ramping up their internet connectivity, and updating applications. Communication and collaboration have been made easy through investing properly in technology, and all your files and transactions must be protected by also investing in digital security. One of the most dangerous (and trending) issues in these trying times is the hacking of companies and releasing of their data. Privacy must be protected otherwise you will lose the trust of your audience.

6. Responding to societal needs.

Companies must be socially responsible, not only through their corporate social responsibility (CSR) but also with their stand on local and global issues affecting the people they serve. A global pandemic highlights already existing societal problems, and business owners must become aware to tailor how they approach such situations. Companies are also vital to the solution because we are all part of a community, and everyone’s well-being is tied to everyone else’s.


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