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A Woman in Action: Motivated, and Inspired Through Ripple Success Academy

One of the promising jobs in today’s modern world is being a virtual assistant, and in the case of Ripple – virtual assistant leader. The demand and the individuals who are willing to learn and do the job grows exponentially especially during the peak of the pandemic where work from home opportunities skyrocketed. Ripple VAs is one of the leading game players and game changers in the industry. In this article, we are going to dive into the world of virtual assistance and on how Ripple VAs touched and changed the lives of individuals, one at a time. Join us as we unravel the story of MJ, one of the promising role models of Ripple VAs.

Her name is Mely Jane Melitar. MJ, as what her friends and family call her, is one of Ripple’s virtual assistant leaders from Las Piñas. She Graduated from STI Las Piñas taking BS Computer Science. She is a graduate of Ripple’s RSA program as well.

MJ is the definition of a woman in action. A strong, independent woman who dreams the impossible and puts actions into her manifestations. Before she became part of the Ripple family, she worked hard in her previous job in accounting services.

Being the family’s breadwinner, MJ decided to not settle for less but instead to strive for more. She juggled multiple works at the same time and even managed to insert the RSA program.

Driven and inspired by her friends who also happened to be virtual assistants, she decided to quit her former jobs and put all of her efforts in the RSA program.

“I have friends who were able to save enough money to buy their wants and needs, from phones and laptops, to bigger ones like cars, and condominium units. I want what they have so I will do what they are doing.”, she said.

Even though new to the field, MJ is one of the top assets Ripple have. Over the past few months, her milestones are simply amazing. She was able to graduate in the RSA on time and even landed a client before her RSA graduation. Isn’t it simple jaw-dropping? Furthermore, she even closed three clients in less than two months. Now if that is not yet considered as a major feat then I do not know what that is.

Her greatest dream? To become a motivational speaker who will boost morale and give courage to those who want to venture in the same field as hers. She said that she can still see herself as a virtual assistant leader years down the line. She is also doing her best to be better and to land into bigger clients that will lead to bigger opportunities.

As we end our interview, MJ quoted one of her favorite books which is Atomic Habits by James Clear that says: “Massive success requires massive actions”. She emphasizes that hard work will always make the dream work. Those dreams will forever stay as dreams until we make it happen, she added.

Ripple Success Academy molded MJ not just to be a successful virtual assistant leader but also to become an individual who is knowledgeable and equipped enough to grab and maximize the opportunities that might be presented in front of her. She is truly a woman who ascends and transcends.


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