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Can you make it virtually or physically?

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26 February 2024
Monday  |  5:00 - 8:00 PM


Please RSVP now to ensure we have everything

prepared for your participation.

Join Us in Celebrating Ripple VAs 6th Anniversary in Cebu City!

Can you believe it's been six incredible years since we embarked on this journey together? Time has flown, and it's all thanks to our Almighty God who sustained us throughout the years!

To celebrate this remarkable milestone, we extend a warm invitation to all our virtual assistant leaders to join us physically for an unforgettable anniversary celebration! For those who may be miles away, fear not – we've got a virtual celebration planned that'll make you feel right at home!

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Frequently Ask Question

  • Are virtual assistants indeed "cost-effective"?
    Since VAs provide services on an "as required" basis, hiring one can help you save money. Clients pay only for actual services rendered rather than outlays for perks, tools, and materials.
  • Is there a benefit to my delegating tasks? The time I need to complete my tasks is already available to me.
    As a means of relieving pressure, some business owners turn to delegation. But the extra time you gain through delegating could be helpful in other areas of your company, so it is worth considering. You could fit the administrative duties into your day, but is that the most productive thing you could do? It is possible that you could make more money if you outsourced the task and focused the time on billable activities instead.
  • How much are your services?
    We offer flexible pricing options, including hourly, project, and retainer prices. We have some of the market's most competitive pricing. Our pricing is variable and is based on several variables determined by how many people will be working on your project, what kind of expertise they will need to succeed, how long it will take, how complicated it is, and what kind of specialized tool will be needed.
  • I am not based in the USA. Is it possible that you could assist me even now?
    Yes. The scope of our services is global. We have clients in many different countries.
  • What does it mean to operate "virtually"?
    The Internet has made remote work more uncomplicated than ever. You can make new tasks and add files to existing ones in our project management system. Your project manager and VA are both available via email, chat, phone, and Skype depending on the service plan you have selected.

While we won't be covering individual expenses for accommodation and flight costs, we believe your presence will contribute immensely to the success of our celebration. We're excited to share this milestone with each and every one of you.

Should you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out to any of the A-players. Thank you for your understanding, and we look forward to celebrating together! SEE YOU LEADERS.

Here's to another six years of excellence, teamwork, and shared achievements! 🚀

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