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Why is Virtual Assistance for you in 2023?

Whether you are looking for a full-time position or a side hustle that will increase your income, you can think about becoming a virtual assistant (VA) – an employee who completes and executes business responsibilities remotely while interacting and collaborating with clients online.

Many VAs have changed careers and have been considering switching to this field since 2018. It is because they can create a lifestyle that satisfies their requirements and preferences, better matching their need for a work-life balance.

Executive officers, corporate managers, and entrepreneurs are drawing to the VAs' realm. Globally, there is an excellent need for VA that can work with little training or no previous experience. You can also join the community of Filipino VAs, such as Ripple VAs, who are relishing their freedom by working from home as long as you are willing to undergo training and broaden your abilities and knowledge.

A job as a VA could be a significant next step in your career. Sure, you might be now trying to discover how to use the VA market to your advantage. Whether to pursue a career as a VA or freelancer this 2023 requires staying current with VA statistics and trends.

Likewise, the Ripple Success Academy (RSA) looks at the top seven VA statistics you need to be aware of in 2023.

1. 1,292% more people search for VA employment: Conductor

According to an analysis by Conductor, a top organic marketing platform, Google searches for "entry-level remote jobs" surged by 309% last year. The highest increase in searches was for "remote virtual assistant jobs," which showed a staggering 1,292% increase in searches, indicating that there are now a record amount of people looking for virtual assistant roles.

2. Remote work structure continues in 2023

Now that companies are aware of this trend toward everything digital, they are ensuring that they survive and prosper post-pandemic. Remote work is now the norm for a vast number of firms and the labor force as a result of rigorous pandemic rules. Virtual support is one of the most popular services businesses seek to outsource, particularly among startups and SMEs. Even after the pandemic's peak, VA services are one of the most in-demand in the BPO sector.

3. Companies hire one more VA now

According to My Virtual Desk surveys, six out of 10 business owners aim to recruit at least one more VA in 2022, demonstrating the critical demand for the service. Moreover, the Philippines continues to be the most affordable offshore site for outsourcing labor. Due to the presence of native English speakers and the high literacy rate (96.3%) of the working force, it is still the most affordable option for outsourcing virtual support.

4. The future is reimagined with VAs

A virtual assistant will be used daily by 50% of knowledge workers by 2025, research by Gartner – an IT research and consultancy company – said. It added that more conversational, context-aware, and customized would likely characterize next-generation VAs as the corporate world will employ VA more frequently, advancing how businesses operate.

5. Flexible working hours mean employee happiness

The fact that remote work raises employee happiness by as much as 20%, according to a 2022 case study of over 12,455 respondents by Tracking Happiness, comes as no surprise. Remote workers can work when they are most productive with a flexible work schedule, which keeps them in a good mood. As a result, business owners take advantage of this trend by employing VAs who may help them produce more remarkable outcomes.

6. Digital tools keep their fame

Roughly 79% of employees, including VAs, used online collaboration tools in 2021, according to a 2022 Statista analysis. Consequently, firms keep expanding daily business operations, eliminating paperwork, handling payrolls, and improving team communications using digital tools.

7. VAs may earn 15$-50$ per hour

Being a VA can be fulfilling, with reasonable compensation and a laid-back atmosphere. The pay for VA can range from $15 to more than $50 per hour, depending on their qualifications and expertise. As a bonus, VAs can pick up many new skills depending on their workplace, which most people find gratifying.

We are about to finish another year of work and life with some magic trick. As in prior years, time is flying by. At RSA, we suspect employers are under pressure to provide enticing career opportunities, the flexibility of hybrid employment, a friendly workplace, and a healthy corporate culture. People will need flexible schedules, chances for ongoing learning and growth, meaningful work, and diverse, values-based workplaces, which only the VA industry can provide in 2023.

What Type of Virtual Assistant Is Right For You?

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