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[VA Wins] Julia Emily Gonzaga: Overcoming Challenges in her 10-Day Launch Program

It is undeniable that working with just one client is daunting. How much more when we have to deal with one more client?

Our virtual assistant, Julia Emily Gonzaga, assisted three clients' summits as a project manager. Julia expressed that her hunger for growth and learning was her baseline motivation to win a successful project launch.

She devoted her time assisting them with work on creating sales page and checkout pages, creating promo graphics, automating email sequences, searching for speakers, and ensuring the launch's success.

According to her, dealing with her recent project was an absolute success. However, before the exemplary success, she encountered some setbacks, including time management issues and a last-minute speaker cancellation. Working with two to three clients who were launching projects at the same time tested her time management. Finding a replacement speaker at the last minute is a huge concern. We can only imagine how stressful it must be in such circumstances.

Despite those setbacks, Julia found strength in prayer, continuous solution-seeking, and resiliency. Those were weapons to overcome the challenges of her current project.

“Ripple's mentorship really helped me a lot in handling projects. The mentorship always boosts my confidence and not only talks about being good but also teaches a person how to be strong, brave, and courageous. As a result, I say YES to challenges always, and say YES to overcoming them”, she expressed.

The success of the project launch was a worthwhile experience for her. The feeling of being able to assist her clients' businesses is incredible, and it has boosted her self-esteem. A core memory of her after the successful launch was when she received a bouquet of sunflowers after the successful launch. Indeed, being a part of that successful launch was a relief and fulfillment.

Beyond compare - a phrase that describes the whole experience of Julia on her current project.


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