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[VA Feature] Rocel Romeo: The Art of Planning

Setting goals and figuring out how to get there is the essence of planning. It guides us in determining what our contribution should be and how to go about achieving it. In order to carry out actions, planning, organizing, and strategizing are necessary. When it comes to avoiding failure, Rocel Romero feels that excellent planning and goal-setting could make all the difference.

Rocel does things in a very ordered and careful way. She planned her next move most of the time, but she also loved exploring different skills and passions. Growing up in the slums of Tondo, she enjoyed creating features, stories, songs, and crafts inspired by her area. This inspired her to take multiple extracurricular activities such as literature clubs while graduating with a Bachelor's degree in Secondary Education—Major in Filipino from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines. She has always dreamt of organizing volunteer programs and teaching in her community. While studying, she also applied for part-time and summer jobs to assist her parents and buy a new laptop. She became a student assistant for professors, an event helper, a private tutor, and a member of the service crew at different fast-food restaurants.

However, earning a college degree did not stop Rocel from going through hardships. She tried to apply to different private schools in hopes of teaching there, but it was not as easy as she thought. Eventually, she got a position and taught for a year. Then, the pandemic happened.

When Rocel’s teaching contract expired, she did not know where to go next. Everything was uncertain, with the world crumbling around her. This did not stop her from applying as a virtual assistant and an LMS instructor at the same time. She had multiple job experiences back in college, which grounded her confidence and capability to earn easily. She knew she had the skill set to stand out despite this set-up, but she was also unsure if she was able to make a difference or achieve her plans.

Rocel loved to plan and organize. When she first came across the concept of freelancing, she initially thought it was out of her league. Freelancing for her felt like a DIY project without instructions, but she had no choice. She was confused about her own career and future. She earned enough to survive, but she felt like she was just living tirelessly for the job, not for herself anymore.

While juggling her three online jobs, Rocel discovered Ripple VA through an advertisement. It was confusing at first, but as time passed, she became more goal-oriented with the help of the company. She studies the business of freelancing while exploring activities she has always wanted to try, such as traveling and hanging out with friends.

Rocel loves Ripple’s low-maintenance community and relationships with each other. In Ripple, people can feel appreciation for each other without making any demands in return. Rocel grew up with communication issues, and the Ripple team helped her become more expressive and open to other people.

As Rocel transitioned to becoming a more proficient VA, her plans also shifted in a positive manner. Her goal is to acquire more experience and deliver satisfactorily published tasks while building her faith in God. She wants to upgrade her skillset, be more experienced in website management, and be creative in graphic design. Her adventure in Ripple was life-changing because she was surprised with the company’s support system despite the competitive and tireless system she was in.

Even with this unexpected route, Rocel’s love for planning never left her routine. She always makes sure to strategize, take notes, and recheck her tasks before passing them. She also needs to work in her best mental state to ensure the best quality of her output. In fact, Rocel is one of the most seasoned virtual assistants in Ripple. She continuously delivers and surpasses the expectations of the clients and management.

Rocel looks at her desktop and reads her list of goals to remind herself why she entered this position in the first place. In fact, she still has many plans for the future. She is currently saving up to start her own business. She also wishes to attend law school and explore the world. So, even with this unexpected career path, planning helped Rocel decide how to use her resources so she could make the most significant contribution to achieving her goals. It helped her assess and evaluate her wins effectively.


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