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[VA Feature] Ma. Veronica Nicolas: The Power of Perseverance and Determination

The great power of perseverance and determination always lets one person shine in moments that they feel like it is already getting dark. With the will to reach success and to inspire others as well, let us get to know one of RippleVA’s brave souls.

A virtual assistant who sees her work as a passion to help her clients grow and succeed, Ma. Veronica Nicolas is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology who has been working in a BPO company for over 11 years, assigned under different departments and positions which made her garner the right experience and knowledge, making her well-equipped before officially stepping into the virtual assistant industry.

Veronica who prefers to stay home with her kids most of the time, she also loves to embrace the breeze of nature. It makes her refreshed, calm, and ready for a new week of work, open for new learnings and improvement she can absorb to reach her full potential and in achieving her goals.

RippleVAs was a life-changing moment for Veronica as she expressed dearly that: “After joining Ripple, everything changed. I was finally able to stay at home and do work to provide for my family. It didn't only make me realize what satisfaction and fulfillment meant, but my experience with Ripple taught me to believe in myself, and that I can do and earn more even just from staying at home, with my kids.”

Veronica shared that one of the best things she has ever experienced in RippleVAs are the weekly mentorships, webinars, and her colleagues who are very open to help one another where she gave a remark that “It is on another level.” Although, there are also sometimes challenges that come in her way but that does not stop her from doing what she has found as fulfillment. Regaining energy from her two kids, she stands on her ground and reminds herself of the goals she aims to achieve, making herself better even 1% everyday.

RippleVAs has taught Veronica what growth really means and what one can do to make it happen. With the power she upholds, there is no doubt that her growth will truly happen as she aspires to be an expert in the field that she sees herself to be good at, inspiring other people about how being a VA has given her an impact, and became life-changing. Veronica, as a BTS fan, connects her current self to their famous song, “Yet to Come” where it makes her visualize more good things that are yet to come in her life. As she continues to work with RippleVAs, and as a VA, she carries the power of perseverance and determination visibly through her life mantra: “Believe in yourself that you can make it, you are your own limitations.”

She is just getting started.

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