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[VA FEATURE] Lhojay Leen Katada: Traversing the Comfort Zone

VA FEATURE: Lhojay Leen Katada

Traversing the Comfort Zone – Taking A Leap of Faith Towards Greatness and Excellence

It wasn't an easy decision to embark into a different field. Still, this 30-year-old woman, Lhojay Leen Katada, has set herself on a new journey bringing with her the passion for learning and determination to succeed. Her Ripple journey started when she decided to head out of her comfort zone.

Lhojay is a marketing graduate with a strong passion and commitment for editing. Her sister-in-law convinced her that she has what it takes to become an excellent virtual assistant. She believes that Lhojay would be a good fit in the VA industry.

After a few months of being in the industry, Lhojay has already proved herself as a seasoned VAs for Ripple. She was once hailed as VA of the week. Her work ethic and commitment to Ripple VAs has driven her to be one of the rising VAs in the company. She described her experience in Ripple as a growth driver. She progressed professionally in her career and personally, and most of all, reconnecting her relationship with God.

"I've worked at a lot of huge companies before, but Ripple's mentorship has helped me get closer to God through continually knowing God in his words. It truly made me feel better, and through mentorship, I found my life's purpose," she noted.

According to Lhojay, the time flexibility made her go full time and stay in the VA industry. Managing her job while caring for her family has become achievable with her schedule. She also sees that she's constantly learning new things every day to stay on top of the game.

Lhojay aspires to build their dream house with an extraordinary dream on the line. To be successful in her career, to be able to share her blessings with her loved ones, and, most importantly, to be able to consistently spread the word of God, to be a fruitful person to God and others.

Lhojay has experienced breakthroughs and greater fulfillment after taking a leap of faith and following her heart. To the aspiring VAs who are hesitating, this is your sign. "Do not be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone because it will lead to more incredible things, more knowledge, and more experience," Lhojay said.


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