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[VA FEATURE] Keanu Paul Sygaco – On Hard Work, Grit, Character, and Competence

Keanu Paul Sygaco's identity is defined by hard work, grit, character, and competence. He has proven himself to be a superior student in terms of intelligence, academic diligence, leadership, and capacity for written work. Keanu’s abilities are consistent, having graduated with Highest Honors from Silliman University Senior High School, being a Dean's Lister in Webster Vienna Private University for a semester, and among other academic undertakings. He also became a delegate during the 2021 Harvard Project for Asian International Relations.

As a writer, Keanu was the associate editor of Silliman University Portal Yearbook. Before this, he held various positions of the yearbook as a department editor for three years, a feature writer, and twice as feature editor. His research paper Correlation of Sleep and Academic Performance (2021) was published in the Asian Journal of Interdisciplinary Research. Additionally, he was able to publish two articles, Shells of Intellect (2019) which was serialized to two issues at Island News, and Nature's reminders (2019) as an environment article printed at the Young Blood Section, Philippine Daily Inquirer.

In the working environment, every endeavor gives him the opportunity to improve and gain proficiency in different skill sets. At the same time, he sees to it that the important demands will be delivered before the deadline, while maintaining a high standard of quality assurance. Thus, reliability and credibility are essential characteristics in his work routine.

He has been very thankful for the opportunity to be part of Ripple ever since the COVID-19 pandemic. Ripple taught him the essence of spiritual growth and created an avenue where colleagues and superiors inculcated camaraderie and excellence. It is also a blessing that even though the days are dormant, he was able to enhance and develop his skills so that his future aspirations will not seem distant. Serving the company through written works has been challenging for him yet enjoyable. He learned that each journey was unique, and that life is always full of surprises.

As Ripple continues to prosper, it has been synonymous with an amalgamation of emerging individuals seeking self-development, comfort, and certitude.

His message to aspiring individuals is from Louis Pasteur's "fortune favors the prepared mind." Wherever you are in your life, never shall you fear the challenges that come your way. Through the pursuit of excellence, intellect, and compassion, wandering through the world's forking paths that veer into the unknown will seem less daunting. Thus, you will possess the navigator's toolkit to traverse the uncertainties of this changing world, which will undoubtedly lead you to the success you desire.

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