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[VA Feature] Joshua Sebastian Ong: Consistency is the Key to each Virtual Assistant's Success

Consistency is the key to each virtual assistant's success. We have heard various stories from our Ripple virtual assistants in recent weeks. Our next virtual assistant to be featured is a twenty-seven-year-old graduate of Bachelor of Science in Airline Management - Joshua Sebastian Ong.

Before becoming a Ripple Virtual Assistant, Joshua used to work as a call center agent. He paved his way in this industry after seeing a post about virtual assistance in his newsfeed. Following that encounter, he decided to take the plunge and apply for the job.

Joshua started his Ripple virtual assistant journey in the year 2019. It was at that time that he became burned out and lost interest in his current job. He expressed how he found Virtual Assistance at the right time - when he felt lost and confused in his career.

He expressed that Ripple had a significant impact on his life. According to him, Ripple helped him develop his skills. Ripples pushed him to focus on his strength. It was an instrument that kept on reminding him that God has always provided what he needs. For that, he has always been grateful.

Currently, Joshua does not see a possibility of ending his virtual assistance journey. He expressed how he found his passion and purpose when he started his virtual assistance journey.

"My advice to aspiring VAs is to not be afraid to learn something new every day. The comfort zone is the dream killer. I know you will feel overwhelmed, but trust me, you will succeed. Consistency is the key to success," he says.


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