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[VA Feature] John Jules Amiel L. Molina: A Simple Man with Big Dreams

John Jules Amiel L. Molina is currently a Senior student at the University of the Philippines - Asian Institute of Tourism. He spent most of his undergraduate life as an active member of various student organizations and college student councils. He comes second of the four children in the family and grew up taking the responsibility of being the eldest brother, making him resilient, approachable, warm, friendly, witty, fun, loyal, hardworking, and humble.

Jules started working freelance jobs in 2021 and was also exposed to the customer service industry as a full-time employee in 2017. His boss and coworkers describe him as someone who might be a little reserved at first but steps up and dares to take leadership roles once he gets comfortable. His work practices revolve around prioritizing the easiest and most urgent tasks, preparing to-do lists for every day, plotting important and upcoming events on the calendar, and taking breaks when necessary to ensure great productivity and effectivity.

Meanwhile, he enjoys cooking the most and would like to learn about fashion, baking, and interior design soon when circumstances allow. His hobbies are usually listening to music, singing, exercising, and watching random videos online. Through these mundane activities, he is able to relieve stress and express himself. He is also an adventurer. He trekked in Buscalan, Kalinga, on the way to Apo Whang-od's village and indulged in cliff jumping in Cebu.

Aside from landing a job at the age of 18 and working freelance jobs before that, Jules considers being able to work in Ripple VAs as his greatest professional achievement. He gets to work with clients from all over the world, allowing him to improve his skills and gain new ones with various tasks. He is confident that no matter the career path he takes in the future, his work in Ripple is playing a significant role in his growth and that of the company and its clients.

If he could describe the Ripple VA experience in one word, it would be memorable. He applied to Ripple looking for a work environment where he could earn and foster a mutually beneficial relationship with the company. Ripple allowed him to find that environment with how it has helped him grow in the past two months. It is being able to experience the kind of working environment with the people in the company. The company culture of ensuring you get enough support and are always open to communication made him say that Ripple has been the most conducive to his growth out of all the companies. It provides him the support and guidance to be the best employee he can be.

His message to other freelancers is this:

"Do not be scared. Finding where to start might be overwhelming, especially when you are new to the industry, but doing that with the right company/organization, it would not be as hard. Find a company that equips you to become the best freelancer you can be and makes you feel empowered. It is easy to figure out how to do things if you take the journey with the right people, and that is how I feel with Ripple."


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