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[SUCCESS STORY] Hazel Machica's Rise to Success and How She Discovered Her Reason for Being

Hazel Machica is an Executive VA and a Sattelite Managing Officer of Ripple VAs Cebu.

Walk of life before Ripple

  • Typical in every way, Hazel was a dedicated student who never let anything distract her from her studies. After hearing all the great things her sister-in-law, a Ripple VA, had to say about the firm, she decided to try it. Once she started working there, she realized she had made the right choice.

Upon joining Ripple

  • Hazel thought a year at Ripple VAs was a short time to get many experiences. Therefore, she was put to the test on certain days by the conflict between education and work. She continued in her endeavors. She enjoyed juggling and hustling since she was surprised by her improvement and growth.

  • What Hazel loves about Ripple is that it will not just focus on the work but on building and improving her to be closer to God. She realized that she would not surrender easily if she had strong and bolder faith in God. She always starts and ends her shift by praying and feels all things are straightforward and light.

Today's stint in Ripple

  • Looking back to herself, Hazel could say that she grew up and saw the changes in herself today. She is more encouraged to do more and excited about what things await her.

  • As an Executive VA at Ripple, she told herself she would accept whatever was good for her. She had only a precise goal other than believing that she was progressively finding her purpose, not just by employment but by helping others through her breakthroughs.


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