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[SUCCESS STORY] Glaiza Jane Espina: A Progressing Freelancer’s Six-Year Journey to Success

Once she has accomplished something significant in her life, she usually moves on to planning for even more incredible feats. For her, a progressive mindset requires austerity, which forsakes all materialistic cravings for gain because she must be truthful and pure to keep this frame of mind. It is what drags her towards progressive success.

On sharping a progressive mindset

Glaiza Jane Espina has been freelancing for five years before joining Ripple VAs in 2022. In 2016, she freelanced independently, taking responsibility for working out what she needed to know and where to find that knowledge. With only Google and YouTube as her “best friends,” she practiced – often a good deal of practice – to reach mastery and consistency in a particular skill.

This 30-year-old mom succeeded because she constantly evaluated herself, improved her skills, and sought ways to learn and grow through life. With such a growth mentality, she could address any shortcomings between her and her objectives. Continuous learning of skills was what hooked her. And progress in the VA world was a must for her.

For Glaiza, success in the VA industry is when she retains her clients. When she started her VA career in June last year, she needed help satisfying a client who did not like her work. All these issues were enough to shake her in a time of ambiguity, but she remained focused and kept a forward-thinking perspective. Her thoughts inspired more deliberate actions. To make headway, she continually fed her inner upliftments with all her energy.

Moreover, Ripple allowed her to upskill and learn new niches. Learning to create landing pages was one of the skills that she unlocked at Ripple. And the never-ending additional skills were what she loved the most.

A more organized and transparent person

Throughout her journey, Glaiza cultured that time management and efficiency at work are critical habits of success that every freelancer must possess.

As someone who can always find the silver lining in things, Glaiza did not view slips as an obstacle. Instead, she followed her plan, if she had one, without questioning it. She dodged stressing out and instead maintained a level head.

“I realized that whatever career you choose, you can be successful if you are dedicated to your work and do your best in everything you do. With all the experience that I had been through, in every decision, I always choose to do the right thing,” Glaiza shared.

Glaiza would never succeed had she given up hope before she had even started trying. The state of mind of being able to declare her winning philosophy to herself and the world transparently was ushered in by her healthy dose of self-belief and self-confidence.

“Do not ever lose confidence in yourself no matter what happens. Even if you fall, you must be the number one believer in yourself,” Glaiza humbly said.

Glaiza also shared how her time at Ripple had given her a holistic understanding of God. She claimed that faith in God gave her a sense of security that enabled her to do admirably in all her endeavors. “Always remember: God will always have your back. You can accomplish everything and be successful; trust His process,” she understood.

Asked whose career inspired her, Glaiza had this to say: “I do not have a particular career that inspires me because I believe we have different career paths. But I look up to everyone doing great in their career.”

A freelancer mom who prefers working from home with her family, Glaiza earned a Bachelor of Science in Accountancy degree and has worked as one of Ripple’s Executive VAs.


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