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Student VA Feature: Tirzah Manzano’s Passionate Vision

“I was feeling stuck, and I realized that the things I'm really passionate about could be turned into something that would benefit me more.” As the Assistant Internal Marketing Officer in Ripple VAs, Tirzah Joy Manzano chose the working student life — with it, a challenging, humbling, and fun experience.

Tirzah is a sophomore student at the University of Cebu, taking up a Bachelor of Science in Management Accounting. Her whole day? Well, it mainly consists of her in front of the laptop.

Her studies are vastly different from her passion, as she initially planned to pursue Arts at the get-go. But this turn of events helped Tirzah realize that she now enjoys her work doing what she loves, while also studying for the things she is interested in. The remote setup was the cherry on top because of its flexibility and work-life balance.

This 21-year-old gal gives herself time to study in the mornings, while evenings are for watching some VA-related tutorials and checking in with her clients for tasks. This structured day resulted in her having a consistent top grade in her second year while giving her quality work at the company.

“Anything can be done when you put your mind and self to it," Tirzah shared, “you just have to stop complaining and be grateful that something good is producing in your hands.”

For Tirzah, her most victorious student moment as a student VA is whenever she sees her clients grow and progress. Every time this happens, she can’t help but share the joy with them. She emphasized that it is gratifying to use her skills to highlight the company’s services and increase their marketability. Her clients’ wins are also her wins, as she has successfully assisted them in their growing business.

She shared that being a virtual assistant in Ripple is valuable as she goes through a period of transition and growth. Balancing her job and studies allows her to assess her priorities. Ripple VAs is also an immense help as they understand and support her throughout her footing.

She shared that the company lets her work in the marketing department and with clients while assuring that she will not be overloaded. Academically, she already has a background in business and management, which helped her understand the workings of the industry. Professionally, her role has given her confidence to step outside of her comfort zone daily, pushing her to become wise and mature.

“I kept going because of the purpose and vision that God let me see in my work. I was able to rise above the difficult situations because God was the one who put me on this platform. From the moment I started working, I knew that this work has a reason, a reason that is aligned with God's will and made me more committed and dedicated to doing my work and studies with excellence,” Tirzah shared.


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