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Student VA Feature: Chelsey Jane Castillon on Tying the Knot to Success

"When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on."

Reading this quote immediately makes Chelsey Jane Castillon feel better when she is in a stressful situation and feels that everything is out of her control and at her wit's end. She gets empowered when remembers that she can handle and conquer anything that may come in her life as long as she doesn't give up. She can push through life's obstacles by acknowledging God as the source of her strength.

Chelsey Jane is someone who thinks positively and who can execute difficult tasks. She is not an individual who needs to be micro-managed, but she can figure out the best ways to solve the problem autonomously. Chelsey describes herself as resourceful and well-organized, with excellent leadership skills and a team-building record. Moreover, she graduated Senior High School at St. Vincent's College Incorporated under the Accountancy, Business, and Management (ABM) strand with High Honors.

Chelsey didn't know what a virtual assistant was since it was not a well-known profession. She started her journey as a VA without any background on what it was and what they do, but it was the most exciting thing that happened to her.

Before Ripple, Chelsey wasted a lot of time doing nothing productive. She procrastinated a lot and didn't value time as a resource. However, working for Ripple taught her how to better manage her schedule and use it more efficiently. She learned that time is a precious commodity and that it's important to use it wisely. Chelsey also learned how to organize better and set priorities. As a result, she became more efficacious at work.

Being a VA made Chelsey realize that she is capable of the things she thought she couldn't do. She witnessed herself blossom and grow in this industry. If time machines existed and she saw her old self, the socially awkward Chelsey would probably be shocked to know the person she has become.

Chelsey has been a virtual assistant at Ripple for three months, and it's been a fantastic experience. Her job has given Chelsey a lot of independence and freedom. She can work from home and work flexible hours, which is great for her family and personal life. Beyond the practicalities of working as a virtual assistant, she was able to grow spiritually because of Ripple. She can connect with amazing people and share her faith with them. It's been amazing to see how the team can all connect and support each other. Chelsey truly is grateful to be a part of Ripple and is excited to see what the future holds for them. She knows she will continue growing and thriving inside the company.

Ripple is the only company Chelsey knows that is built on a ministry. She likes Ripple the most because the company puts God first above anything else, which is unlikely in the business world. Her stay in Ripple is a rollercoaster ride full of ups and downs. There may be tiring days, but the compliments from her clients motivate her to go on.

Whenever Chelsey feels drained and tired from all the work, the first person to enter her mind is her father. Even when he is not around anymore, she will never forget the sacrifices he made for her and her family. Despite being very ill, her father always insisted on going to work so her family could have something on the table. He is Chelsey's role model, and she gets motivation from him. It can be exhausting to do tasks while also keeping up with her studies, but like her father, giving up was not an option.

Chelsey currently doesn't want anything more than for her hard work to be fruitful and for her to succeed in life. However, she knows that God has already built a foundation of success for her to step on. She doesn't have a "detailed" plan for her future because every time she plans something, the outcome is often the opposite of what she expects. Whatever the course of her life, Chelsey trusts it all to the Lord. After all, Chelsey finds the uncertainty of the future exciting.

Her message for freelancers is to know how hectic and unpredictable schedules can be. It's easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle and forget what's important, but no matter how busy, we must never forget our faith in God. He is our rock and foundation and will never let us down. So when things get tough, remember to stand firm in the faith. God will never leave us alone and will always be there to help us through whatever challenges.


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