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Rooted From Vision: Batangas Ribbon-cutting Ceremony Celebrates Ripple VAs' First Satellite Office a

Last year's COVID-19 pandemic halt was harsh on all industries across the globe. Still, daunting media statistics of business downfalls during the global health crisis were inadequate to prevent Ripple VAs from opening up a new office — and adding spice to it, a church ministry!

On December 5, 2021, Ripple hosted a ribbon-cutting and turn-over ceremony to celebrate the company's first-ever Satellite Office and Church Ministry located on the Second Floor, 287 J.P Laurel Street, Nasugbu, Batangas. The milestone was led by Ripple CEO Jezrel Perez and graced by the company's key officers.

A large area with a carrying capacity of more than 200 people, the new satellite office serves as the base camp and training center to expand Ripple's operations as a Christian company, increase its reach, and integrate itself into the local network. Likewise, the ministry — the complete copy of Good News Ripple Cebu — shares an ultimate goal to fulfill its assignment to share the word of God purely.

Looking back to the vision that narrates Ripple's inception in 2017, the desire to touch more lives and create a ripple effect to the community remained the milestone's top objective. The company did not just welcome itself to a humble home born from a vision but also a ministry that will continue to transform lives professionally and spiritually.

Melvie Ayacaide, Ripple's Chief Financial Officer, shared how they pursued the company's vision in the face of several challenges.

"There were a lot of challenges, especially in transitioning and streamlining all our processes because we will copy it to our satellite office in Batangas. Yet, we overcome this through teamwork and commitment. Despite all the transitions that we had to do, we were able to conquer this because we know that more souls are waiting for our obedience," she said.

The growing number of virtual assistants (VAs) working for Ripple is one of the factors prodding the company to open its satellite office in Batangas — more than 30 VAs reside in the said place. In all that Ripple achieved and will continue to achieve, the talents — being its heartbeat — are seeing firsthand how the company has lived to a people-first leadership. The heartbeat is the real story that characterizes and relates how each VA and Ripple, as a whole, contributes to the community at large.

Additionally, Hanna Caraig, the new office's managing partner and director, was the first one to capture Ripple's vision and respond to the higher calling.

"God constantly gives me a vision without providing me further specifics about what's coming ahead, but I know that each vision will lead me to something great. The important thing for me to be able to see its horizon is to always act upon it," Hanna said.

With Hanna's YES, Jezrel underscored that everything started to work out since every vision is always a covenant. The CEO was grateful for Hanna's life, boldness, and courage to receive and carry the idea.

"The truth is the ribbon-cutting ceremony was a mere formality because the vision came to pass, not during the ribbon-cutting ceremony but the very moment Hanna received and carried the weight of the vision," Jezrel said.

The ceremony on Sunday afternoon featured a brief foreword from Jezrel, an introduction of Hanna and her executives (Mads Madrid, AJ Mamitag, and Jay Igdanes), and a lunch together with the VAs and their families. The event also marked Ripple's first-ever Sunday Service Fellowship in Batangas, where praise and worship, and sharing of God's word happened.

Ripple also initiated a retreat on the same day as the ribbon-cutting and turn-over ceremony. In the form of a retreat, the management met the prospering number of VAs in Batangas and its neighboring province of Cavite to raise more leaders and mentors for 2022.

Anchored on the theme "The Greater Value of Life," the gathering focused on God's word and followed six sessions: The Greater Value of Mentorship by Melvie, The Beauty of Obedience to God by Chief Mission Officer Stella Geraldez, The Greater Value of Excellence by Chief Accountability Officer Hazel Joy Cabante, The Greater Value of Being Part of the Body of Christ by Chief Operating Officer Shana Manzano, Tithing for Your Transformation & Not Information by Head Pastor Dutch Manzano, and Living a Blessed Life by Jezrel.

The entrepreneurial spirit of virtual assistance industries remains powerful with a drive to push onward, expand, and succeed. Ripple VAs is just one of the many remote back-room work to have future-proof business as the economy moves remote. With that, Jezrel leaves the statement: "With this milestone, Ripple will continue to have its positive ripple effects in many more lives. The breakthrough will no longer limit just a few individuals, but many more will experience to hit the mark of their higher calling."


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