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Ripple's Mentorship Program: Persist with Grace

To support, share the words of God, collaborate, and form relations with virtual assistants are just a few of the many things that Ripple's mentorship program is known for.

The company prides itself on this initiative. It aims to further assist and inspire its employees by hosting get-togethers and allowing them to share their personal and professional stories of faith and life transformation. This routine enables them to persevere gracefully in the tough world of virtual assistants.

Interestingly enough, VA Mary Grace Catabian, one of the foremost mentors of Ripple VAs, had shared her gospel-truth experience as one of the spiritual leaders in the company.

"I was already a mentor," Grace explained, "so leading people through the Word was not very overwhelming."

However, she admitted that being a mentor in Ripple had a significant impact on her perspective on work and church. Being a mentor was a blessing to her. Nothing makes her happier than hearing how God's love transforms people's lives.

On the other hand, she acknowledged that her freelancing life had been fraught with challenges. Grace, like many others, struggled with the numerous tasks she had on her plate at times. Fortunately, she discovered at Ripple that accountability is the key to overcoming such a load.

This, combined with a harmonious relationship with the company as a church and as partners, made her feel the "blessed" part of being a freelancer.

"They are constantly rooting for me, equipping me, training me, and praying for me," she stated.

Finally, she described her mentorship experience as a source of friendship, fulfillment, and blessing. This role inspired her to pursue freedom in all aspects of her life. As a result, when she joined Ripple as a mentor, she was able to achieve her goal of being meaningful in every way.

Indeed, the integration of gospels takes on a whole new meaning when you're a company that values character, faith, and excellence more than ever.


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