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RIPPLE NEWS: Ripple VAs spearheads 1st Nationwide Leadership Summit

To cultivate its virtual assistants’ leadership potential, Ripple VAs kicked off its six-day in-person Nationwide Leadership Summit in Cebu Century Plaza Hotel in Cebu City, July 24.

Anchored on the theme “100x Leadership Summit: Maximum Leaders Multiplied,” the leadership summit strived to raise, equip, and build servant leadership founded on the Biblical Principles aligning with the company’s leadership theme this year.

Ripple’s Chief Mission Officer Stella Geraldez said they are foreseeing more raised leaders that will display and embody leadership in their personal lives, to the clients, to Ripple VAs, and create a positive ripple effect to their community.

“We desire to cultivate our leadership potential and hit the mark of our goal through the summit. Each activity is intentional and with greater purpose,” Geraldez added.

According to Geraldez, Ripple VAs Chief Executive Officer Jezrel Perez planned the affair with the Core Mission Team and the top management.

“The top management and the Mission Team were in the middle of doing the Dipolog mission for our satellite office. And even before the team went there, we already had back-to-back preparations both for the Satellite Office Trainings and for the Nationwide Leadership Summit,” Geraldez said.

Geraldez added that preparing the necessary things for the summit before they went to Dipolog and identifying committees that would do site visits while they are away from Cebu challenged them.

“And not to mention the execution of the plans for the Nationwide Leadership Summit while also doing the Satellite Trainings,” she added.

Nevertheless, Geraldez said they are looking forward to maximizing the time they have now that they have returned to Cebu to learn, grow, collaborate, build a relationship, and raise leaders with the heart of service.

Participated by the company's leaders, internal support, mentors, and some virtual assistants, the first-ever nationwide leadership summit jam-packed with stirring experiences will end on July 29.

“Registration fee [for the event] is free but the event is not without cost, for we consider the time of the VAs as their highest investment,” Geraldez said.

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