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RIPPLE NEWS: Ripple VAs runs strategies to elevate customer success

With multiple inspired customer journeys delivered and customer success achieved every day, Ripple VAs continues to lead the industry with its most workable and convenient strategies.

Chief Client Success Officer Joseth Armell Mamitag bared that the company is cooking for strategies to improve its client retention and renewals, namely, "Are you an Advocate or a Detractor?" and "Ripple VAs' 1-on-1 Coaching."

The "Are you an Advocate or a Detractor?" strategy is Ripple's VA Scorecard or VA Key Performance Indicator (KPI), related to the VA Feedback Form the company is asking its clients to answer.

"All the feedback or ratings that the VA will receive from their respective clients will be scored for us to identify if they are an Advocate (a rating of 4 or 5) or a Detractor (a rating of 1 or 2)," Mamitag explained.

Mamitag said from the first two batches of clients who responded to the feedback form, 90 percent of the company's VAs got an Advocate rating from their clients.

Mamitag added that common responses they received from some clients were: "I love working with my VA," "My VA is really good," and "Great personality and attitude."

"It shows that our VAs are performing very well. Based on these responses, it is safe to say that our clients are pleased with the skills of their VAs and happy with the service we are providing," Mamitag said.

Mamitag stressed that the strategy would help the company identify the opportunities it lacks to improve its clients' service.

He added that this could open more opportunities for clients to hire additional VAs, purchase new services, or upgrade their current subscription with Ripple.

"This will also give recognition to our excellent performing VAs and motivate [them] to continue what they are doing," Mamitag furthered.

On the other hand, the "Ripple VAs' 1-on-1 Coaching" strategy involves reaching out to the company's VAs and discussing the areas of opportunities clients notice regarding how the VAs handle their tasks.

Mamitag said it is another channel where Ripple can recognize its VAs who deliver and do an excellent job handling their client's tasks.

However, Mamitag maintained that he expects the VAs to "always bring their A-game in every task thrown at them by their clients" for the two strategies to be fruitful and effective.

He added that the company's feedback from its clients is not for them to undervalue the VAs.

"The sole purpose of these projects is to identify the things we can improve on and at the same time give more value to our clients [...] Depending on how the clients respond, we will either seek someone to train the VA being rated or use the coaching session to motivate them to continue what they are doing for their clients," Mamitag added.

Notably, Ripple launched the said projects in May; but the company has to pause them due to some changes and polishing needed.

"We paused [them] because we needed to create Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for the said projects before we start rolling them out," Mamitag said.

Mamitag added that the Top Management team would instigate these projects as soon as possible.


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