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Ripple Case Study: How Ripple Success Academy Does the Right Way of Coaching


Ripple Succes Academy (RSA) is an online academy that teaches aspiring freelancers and virtual assistants to achieve their dream of financial freedom and live the life they dream about. It was established on December 25, 2019, as the official academy leg of Ripple VAs. Its coaches are the CEO of the company, Jezrel Perez, and Satellite Executive Officer of Ripple VAs Batangas, Hanna Caraig.


RSA does live training/coaching since they believe that interactive learning and direct feedback have a more enriched experience. One of its coaches, Jez, said that she had been through online training in the past and they were usually self-paced. In return, no sense of accountability and no relationship were established.

At RSA, they want to get to know their students, their stories, and aspirations, and become of their successes in an intentional way. One aspect that differentiates RSA from other online academies is the personal and proactive approach to impacting the lives of their students.

“We are not after the quantity but the quality. We want to make sure that every student who joins RSA not only gains knowledge but they understand the built-in success they have in their lives from their Creator God,” Coach Jez said.


The main problem of RSA is staying consistent in launching their classes since the coaches, Jez and Hanna, also handle the company operations and other business platforms. There were moments when they wanted to pause the launching classes because of this.


They fix the problem by going back to their ‘why’, which is to create ripple success one life at a time, one tribe at a time.


There is still room for improvement but RSA is confident that they deliver quality training through an enriched live experience with their students. To date, RSA has a total of 118 students, and the majority of these students land their first client during the first few weeks after graduation. Some even have their first clients while in the training.

Debby Javeñar, an RSA 7.0 student, shared, "From zero knowledge, now I am more confident to start my journey as a VA. I overcome my limiting beliefs. I always say that I don’t have any idea or I am not enough to apply as a VA. I debunk it by believing in my existing skills and experience in the corporate world, little by little I can conquer international clients all over the world, not just here in the Philippines.“


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